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The names Su..(: Start!


Vanessa sighed as she flipped through the channels of her television.

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It was night and Alex was walking home from the resturaunt. why would she break up with him?? it was horrible

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Grace was sitting in an oak tree as usual. She looked at the stars

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(are there any boys)

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on her way home she passes Grace. they were like bast friends. Alex SAid, "Hi."

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"Hey Alex." Grace looked around, leaning against the branch

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"why did i break up with him. oh yeah, because he used me." lex thought outloud.

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Grace sighed. "You really got to stop talking to yourself." she said

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"cant help it. really, he acted like he actually liked me."

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"its just stupid"

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"I know." Grace jumped out of the tree and landed softly on her feet

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"i mean why did i like him in the first place??!!"

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"I dont know. Im not you." Grace leaned against the tree. Far off, she heard her mother yelling for her, but she ignored her

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((I just reilized something.....a 26 year old is best friends with a 14 year old))

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Perla "Hi guys" Lily called.

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The names Su..(: Vanessa rolled her eyes and turned the TV off. "Nothings on," she mutttered.

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The names Su..(: Vanessa called Emmalie, "Hey, what's up?"

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grace sighed and stuck her hand into her pocket. "Guess I have to go." she sighed

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Perla "Bye" Lily said ((i made one for this one hehe))

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Grace turned and trudged back home. She enduered the yelling and grounding that had almost become daily

Madz♥-TE- *PJO*~♫Cjaye♫ ((wait were are we at?))
(knocks on vanessas door) hello ?????????

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The names Su..(: Vanessa heard someone knock on her door, and she look through the peephole.
"Oh!" she exclaimed, opening the door.

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May | 10 comments sara decided that she was going to call vanessa "hey whats up"

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The names Su..(: Vanessa answered the phone.
"Not much, you?"

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"see you later, now i have to go to the devil herself!" alex mumbled.

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May | 10 comments "nothing i might go do something later though."

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The names Su..(: "Oh."

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The names Su..(: ((i gtg, dont rp without me!))

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May | 10 comments ((ok))

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Grace waited for all the people in her house to sleep then she snuck out

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Emma (emmascout) ((I could make a guy!))

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Jeny (iluvgymnastics15) | 13 comments Mod
Molly was home, getting ready for the following day, which was the first day of school that year. She was new, and had just moved to the area a few days ago.

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