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Kylle Arnold | 14 comments My goal was originally to manage to read 50 books, but I ended up reading a bunch of simpler books that forced me to up the challenge number. I'm really excited to see how this goes and get to know more people.

I am currently at around 20 books. I'll update from now on, but I don't really want to just go back and list the things I've already put in to goodreads.

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Kylle Arnold | 14 comments Wren's War

Just finished this, completing the Wren series. I read this before, way back in middle school, and I have to say it still feels incredibly incomplete as an adult. I might have to look into what Sherwood Smith has to say about the trilogy...

Overall, I enjoyed it, although I think I need to read something very adult now...

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Kylle Arnold | 14 comments The Library at Mount Char

Another down, and this one was hard to put down. The characters were hard to like, but I definitely was moved to sympathy for even the worst of them due to circumstances. And more than sympathy for the better of them. I will definitely need to think more about this one.

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Kylle Arnold | 14 comments Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

So, I read this over the long weekend. I needed something to take with me to the beach, and this was perfect. I relaxed on the beach and read as Clay plotted with Kat and Mr. Penumbra and his best friend Neel.

And, now that I see there is another book with Mr. Penumbra, I'm intrigued to see what else there is to learn about this.

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Kylle Arnold | 14 comments Boy Meets Boy

A nice, fluffy, quick read that reminded me why growing up can be so nice (even though it is also the worst).

It would be so nice if we could create a world that's just a little more like Paul's town....

message 7: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 11903 comments Awesome job so far keep it up!

message 8: by Kylle (new)

Kylle Arnold | 14 comments The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Finished this one over the weekend. I picked it up for a short beach trip, and it was PERFECT. I really liked that it was translated from Swedish. It made it feel even more accurate.

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Blagica  | 11903 comments You have read some very interesting books this year. Keep up the great reading!

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