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Heather Purri | 10 comments I read a translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh in the mid 00s, which I got from the school library so it might be old. The most distinct thing is that Gilgamesh's wife is named Puabi, which I think is archaeological conjecture because I'm pretty sure it's the only translation that names the Queen. This translation incorporated Sumerian myths into the story that aren't in the story itself and incorporated some archaeological evidence of life in Ancient Sumer (I remember the intro or foreword saying that.). There was a lot on Puabi's life as a sacred prostitute, that I don't think is in the epic normally. The bisexual subtext between Gilgamesh and Enkidu is strong in this translation and I thought it was impossible to not notice. The Sumerian names of the gods were used; not the Assyro-Babylonian ones that some translations use. The translation is in plain English and very easy to read. Not poetic or old-fashioned-sounding at all. When the book came out, it was a new translation of the epic. The cover was hardcover and I think light blue-ish with Sumerian wall art on the cover. I looked at the covers under Other Editions on GoodReads but that's not triggering my memory enough.

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Heather Purri | 10 comments I skimmed books at the library and found it! It's the Stephan Grundy translation!
Gilgamesh by Stephan Grundy

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