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Nanny and the Beast
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Heroine is at a dinner with the hero and her mother and sister wants the hero with sister. (The mother and sister doesn't know the heroine is there daughter and sister). [s]

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Shelia Williams | 746 comments I need help finding a book. I don't remember much but here is what i do remember.

The heroine in at a dinner with the hero and her mother and sister are there but the mother doesn't recognize her (i believe the heroine was put up for adoption or something). The heroine goes off to the restroom and her mother shows up and tells that she isn't good enough for the hero and to just let her daughter have at him. Later when the heroine is at the table with the hero het sister comes up and whispers in her ear and then she gets up and walks away so her sister can talk to the hero. The hero ends up leaving the sister at the table to find out why the heroine left. i do believe that the hero knows that the girl and her mom is actually the heroines mother and sister.
Sorry i know it isn't much but that is what i remember. Please help.

SassafrasfromAmazon | 6 comments I know I have read this book. Do you remember if it was an interracial couple? Part of a series? The hero was rich and powerful? Was it some kind of fundraiser? Was he Italian? Was she Black? Any other important details you remember?

Shelia Williams | 746 comments The book was found.
Nanny & the beast by Georgia Le Carre

SassafrasfromAmazon | 6 comments I just finished reviewing some of her books. Thanks for helping Sheila. I was going crazy because I knew I’d read it. I read so many books fairly quickly, so I don’t recall detailed info. Glad she received her answer.

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