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message 1: by Harrison (new)

Harrison | 6 comments This is more of a question then a comment. I'm about 30% of the way through the first book in the gentleman bastards series. I'm really enjoying it so far but after doing some research I'm afraid to give me into the series. It looks like the author hasn't put out a book in the series for years and from what I can tell is not working on a new one. I'm already a fan of George RR Martin and Jim Butcher, whose books have been delayed for years. So I'm just afraid to start that cycle of devouring a series and waiting for the next book to come out. Is the series really worth getting into? Does anyone else ever feel this way about getting into a new series?

message 2: by Amyiw (new)

Amyiw | 86 comments Scott Lynch went into a period of Anxiety and Depression and even though that blog 8 months back says that he is ready to clean up the dust, I suspect that is was short lived. This is the world we live in. Author's lives sometime change (his wife and he broke up) or they move in a different direction.

If you are enjoying the story, just know that you might only get the half of what he wanted to write and wanted his characters to go to. Ending a series is probably as hard as ending a story or more so. I didn't really like the story myself much but I didn't complain about the first being a cliffhanger. Good reading.

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