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message 1: by Max (new)

Max Sparrow (maxsparrow) | 6 comments Let's talk basics... If you are going to write a horror story, you must check out book sprout, and Instafeebie (Recently bought by Prolific works). These two platforms will help generate reviews and interest in your books. Instrafeebie is a great item to have when growing an email list. In three months I have obtained a little less than 2,000 email addresses of people who decided to follow me based on my writing. When I release a book or short story, I send out an email, and the response is staggeringly excellent if you are a kindle author check this stuff out!

message 2: by Ramsey (new)

Ramsey Campbell | 10 comments I have written many, and feel no need to email strangers. Indeed, I would find any site that offered their addresses suspect at best.

message 3: by Char (new)

Char  | 14230 comments Mod
Good morning, Max. I have moved your post to the proper folder.

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