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UNO April Mini Challenge

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This is an optional mini challenge for our UNO players.

◈ Books with a read date between April 15 - April 30 count. (countdown to the start of the mini challenge is here)
◈ Books can be started at any point since the start of the UNO challenge (Feb 1)
◈ As a team, you will have a mixture of tasks to complete. These include spell-it-outs, cover items, words in text, and words in title. All of the tasks you need to complete are on your team spreadsheet

How to Choose your own adventure

As you are out on a walk, a pedestrian is hit by a car that then drives away! :o
Do you...
A) Stick around to see if you can help
B) You are too engrossed in your book while walking through the park to notice anything amiss until you hear shouts.


First your team will decide if you are going down stream A or stream B. From there you are given two choices at each point. We have shown these choices on this image: (Click on the image to make it larger)

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW THE STREAM CORRECTLY We have given lots of prompts in the spreadsheet and also have a sheet that shows the different combinations. NOT FOLLOWING CORRECTLY WILL RESULT IN NOT RECEIVING POINTS FOR THE TASKS INCORRECTLY COMPLETED.

◈ Books used for this mini challenge do not need to be separate books for what you are claiming for your UNO hands
◈ The usual book length rules apply
◈ Team spreadsheets will be updated with a mini challenge tab so that you can track your books and claim your points
◈ Each task completed will give you 10 points. Once your stream is complete, you can also complete 10 duplicate tasks for 20 points each.
◈ You can read for your tasks and bonus tasks concurrently, but the bonus points won't be given until your stream is completed.
◈ If you read concurrently, but don't complete a branch of your stream, you won't get points for later parts. For example, if you choose A - A1 -A1a - A1aa ; and you read books for A1aa, but don't complete A1a.... you won't get those points for A1aa

Spell-it-out rules
For this mini-challenge, you are using the same rules that apply for UNO. So a letter needs to be the first letter in the book title, author first name or surname, character name or nickname, or setting. Articles (a/an/the) can be ignored in the book titles. For this spell-it-out, you can also use the first letter in the series name.


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UNO Pixie | 1216 comments Spreadsheet showing all the streams for your reference is here

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UNO Pixie | 1216 comments Questions?
Your captain can ask them in the captains group ;)

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