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QNPoohBear | 470 comments The DVR is set for Sunday and I will try to keep an open mind. Some parts of the book stand out strongly in my memory. There were parts removed from the stage adaptation that should have been there so we'll see how well Andrew Davies does in his adaptation. I DO like his Jane Austen adaptations, and also Wives and Daughters and Little Dorrit but War & Peace missed the mark.

QNPoohBear | 470 comments Part 1 was OK but I missed the music, at least in the opening scene and with the Bishop. The music adds a lot of dramatic effect. My mom thought it was a little slow and my dad missed the singing. I had to stop right away and explain the French Revolution to them and still my dad didn't understand why Marius's grandfather was so angry with Marius's father. Pause-explain again. Fantine was really stupid and naive. Her lover, Felix, is an awful cad. I hate manipulative men.

I'll watch Part 2 at some point soon.

QNPoohBear | 470 comments Part 2 Ooh that was dark! I did remember some of that from the novel. I still missing the singing for the most part and I really miss the captions telling the date. It seems to be following the novel so far. I'm doing quick searches on Gutenberg since our copy is not here. It looks like a minor difference
(view spoiler) I don't know if that's worse or better than the changes to the musical.

The barber/tooth drawer guy was really creepy. The novel just says "barber" so I guess they felt free to make it as wild as possible.

I think an adaptation can not do justice to this novel. It's missing Hugo's musings on morality, like this one
(view spoiler)

It's well acted for the most part. I wasn't sure about Lily Collins but she did a great job during Fantine's darkest moments. David Oyelowo is too handsome and kind looking to be hard-nosed Javert.

The child they found for Cosette is really sweet looking. Thank goodness she's not singing. There's no worse singers in the show than 9 year old girls. Actually one time one of the Cosettes was the daughter of Jean Valjean. She was younger than 9 so her voice wasn't too horrible and she was cute.

I keep meaning to reread the novel one of these years but it's soooo long and wordy and dense. This adaptation is giving me an excuse to at least skim parts of it.

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Marie Williams | 713 comments Mod
I think it’s up on Amazon Prime now, or is coming soon, maybe I’ll give it a try since you think it has some positives and I trust your opinions on it. I saw a thread on twitter where a woman- I think a professor of French literature- had done her dissertation on Les Mis, broke it down by episode. She said she liked some points, while others missed the mark, but that’s true of any adaptation.

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