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The Book of Eva (Clone 1)
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D.L. Jackson | 3 comments Okay, I'm calling this spec fic, and this series doesn't really fit into any specific genre. It's difficult to find reviewers because of this.

It's not a romance, but it is a love story. It has a touch of science fiction and is futuristic themed. It is told in a non-linear format, in two POVs. One is a narrative voice, third person, as the story was told to the character, and the other is in first person, as the narrator tells her story. This story spoke to me, and demanded to be told, but in a way that is completely different from anything I've written. I have to say it was the biggest challenge I had to date with my writing and forced me to stretch my mind and knowledge. In many instances I found I had to put a square peg in a round hole. I'm sure my editors can attest to how crazy the format made them--at times, it drove me nuts. It is my hopes that my readers not only see what is obvious, but read between the lines and find what is hidden or implied. I am a cerebral author and wanted a cerebral story. If anything, I hope this story makes you think and ponder things you might otherwise not.

So, that being said, there are two main characters, their plot threads run side by side for most of the book, but their stories are very much woven together. I can't call the Book of Eva YA, because of some of the dark material it contains, but the narrator's story does start when she is a young adult. It is the story of a dictator's daughter, a forbidden friendship and it is a love story. It is also the story of a Clone, who lives a life so very different from the narrator's, but both want the same thing.

It is a character driven story that features heroine's with agency. They are strong women, and they have to be. But trigger warning, I don't shy away from violence. There are a couple of scenes, with, or that show the aftermath of such.

So, if you want to give it a try, reach out to me. I write under two pen names. D.L. Jackson, and Paxton Summers. I'd appreciate any honest reviews.

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D.L. Jackson | 3 comments NJ, I sent you an email.

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DALIP (dalipess) | 4 comments I Would Most Definitely Be Interested In Experiencing This Unique Format Of Storytelling If Only I Can Know The Length Of The Book & More Importantly The Time I Can Get To Give An Honest Review After Reading It. Once You Can Clarify That Then I Can Decide If It’s Possible To Have Your Book On My #ReadAndReview Shelf.

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