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message 1: by Starman, Moderator (last edited Apr 10, 2019 10:05AM) (new)

Starman | 64 comments Mod
After all these years , after all the hype this last month .The National Science Foundation released the first ever Image of Black Hole.
Here is the Link to the Youtube Video of the Event.

message 2: by Ven (new)

Ven | 24 comments Damm, we live in a generation where we are able to see an actual black hole . Such a great achievement by our Astronomers.

Master Melvin M.  Lusterio (aionheaven) | 7 comments Be careful, blackholes are dangerous!

message 4: by Aruna (new)

Aruna | 17 comments I am kinda disappointed with the image and i don't get it . So is the black thing in the centre the black hole ?

message 5: by Starman, Moderator (new)

Starman | 64 comments Mod
Disappointed ? . I think one you understand the image you will no longer be disappointed

message 6: by Starman, Moderator (new)

Starman | 64 comments Mod
First of all the image is of a Supermassive Black Hole center of a Galaxy named as M87 which is almost 54 MILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY.Scientists used many Radio telescopes and collected precise data and recreated a precise image using the data.

Coming to the Picture itself The Dark Space inside the light ring like structure is not immediately the Black hole. The Black Hole lies in the Center of that dark space.

message 7: by Arko (last edited Apr 12, 2019 10:52AM) (new)

Arko | 21 comments The orange ring (shouldn't be confused with actual appearance which should be white hot to bluish hot in our visible spectrum) which appears in the celebrated picture is the how the electromagnetic waves are bent and catapulted due to such massive gravitational field and the image so obtained is more of a shadow of the supermassive black hole. Check the link below :

message 8: by Starman, Moderator (new)

Starman | 64 comments Mod
Thanks Arko . Good Video.

message 9: by Aruna (new)

Aruna | 17 comments Yes nice , but guts i don't get it can anyone explain it for me ? i mean i dont get i saw a small ring there and then a big thick ring.

message 10: by Starman, Moderator (last edited Apr 12, 2019 11:56PM) (new)

Starman | 64 comments Mod
Okay . I will TRY

Now for reference keep in your mind the Black Hole in the movie Interstellar , it is pretty accurate(they have just exaggerated a little for more drama) , just google the image and keep it in your mind.

Now,you will see 2 rings in total .
ONE the Big ring LIKE structure which is thick and moving at insane speeds and really Bright That is Accretion Disc .
Accretion Disc Consists only of Matter moving at insane speeds and due to friction they become super hot and emit all sorts of radiation.

message 11: by Starman, Moderator (new)

Starman | 64 comments Mod
Now as you can see the accretion disc doesn't extend till the event horizon , it has a limit. it stops at a certain point.
Because if you know orbital mechanics , the more the force of gravity you have the more linear velocity you need to have to maintain the orbit.At the inner end of the accretion disc the gravitation becomes soo high that the matter cannot have the linear velocity to hold its orbit. So everything having mass beyond that inner edge of Accretion disc is unstable and ends up in the Hole

message 12: by Starman, Moderator (new)

Starman | 64 comments Mod
Also the accretion disc look kinds weird it looks bent and is perpendicular and looks like an arch.
This is because- Imagine you are looking at the hole straight in front of you
Accretion disc is actually a ring in a single Plane
But it appears like an arch because the light from the back of the disc is dragged towards the hole and gravity bends the light ray in your direction
This causes the ring at the back of the hole to appear perpendicular and like an arch

message 13: by Chris (new)

Chris Porter | 10 comments Truly an amazing picture! Of all the unusual things in our universe (or multi-verse, if you prefer), I never thought I'd see a picture of a black hole in space!

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