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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11798 comments Here it is.

(This isn't Max's idea, it was stolen from someone else! )

Muse A is a collage student. Or at least he was supposed to be, he doesn't really have time anymore to go to school. A few months before his senior year ended, something happened that would change Muse A's life forever. His girlfriend told him that she was pregnant. Understandably, as a 18 year old, he wasn't exactly prepared for that information. They decided to keep the baby though, and the next nine months were spent preparing for their new lives as parents. Muse A's parents weren't exactly thrilled either, in fact when they heard that he was going to be helping to raise the baby, they kicked him out of the house. His girlfriend's parents weren't any more supportive and they had to find a cheap apartment to rent out for them and the baby. Both teenagers managed to get through high school and it had been decided that somehow if they could, they would both still go to collage.

They had a plan, until Muse A came back from a night with friends on day to find his girlfriend gone along with all of her stuff. The only thing remaining was the baby, sound asleep. Muse A has no idea where his girlfriend is now, all he knows is from a phone call saying that she couldn't handle taking care of a kid this early in her life. She couldn't throw away her life for this new baby. That left Muse A alone to take care of his new child.

Muse Be is a first/second year collage student renting out his/ her own apartement in the same building as Muse A. Weeks of crying and noise from the thin walls between apartments has been enough to urge Muse B to get up in the middle of the night to go tell his/ her neighboor to shut up. He/She is surprised when the door is opened by an exhausted looking 18 year old. Feeling grumpy and wanting sleep, Muse B offers to help get the baby to sleep. Muse B begins to help Muse A out more and more with a baby and eventually something sparks between them....

-I would play Muse A
-It can be MxM or MxF
-Feel free to add to the plot! I can't come up with ideas all the time!
-Must be at least a paragraph or more (like a good 6 line paragraph)

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11798 comments Name: Jules Camryn Owens
Age: 19
Almost 6’, lean/athletic build, messy hair, dark hazel eyes
Tattoos: R. shoulder -
Occupation: Paramedic

History: Jules grew up with both parents, his dad working as a firefighter and his mom working in a bakery. Despite them both having jobs, they both made time for Jules since he was their only kid and they had tried for years before finally having him. He could go to them at any time for anything when he was younger. He was social with everyone and always had a smile on his face.
As he got older, he stayed close with his parents, especially with his dad. He’d always go to the firehouse with him and just be around all those people, finding them to be like a second family. When Jules was 14, his dad went into a burning building to help people get out but he never came back out. Jules was devastated and grieved for a while, cutting himself off from all his friends and everything. It took him a year or so before he finally started to get himself back together and start talking to people again. Realizing how his dad had died trying to help him just pushed him further to a career like that, wanting to make a difference in peoples lives. He quickly worked and got his grades back up from where they’d dropped the previous year and ended up doing some concurrent enrollment in his senior year so he got his emt certifications shortly after graduation.
He moved to his own apartment in town, wanting to make it on his own but still often goes and visits his mom and her new boyfriend, not wanting that contact to disappear. Jules usually works the swing shift as an EMT, usually from around noon till midnight and then he comes home, sleeps for a bit and then gets up early to get stuff done. He’s enrolled in a couple classes at the college, working to become a paramedic and then maybe a nurse or a doctor, he’s just not sure yet.

Personality: When on the job, Jules is very serious and calm. Even in big emergencies, he stays level-headed and can manage the crisis. He stays friendly then too though, always introducing himself and trying his best to provide comfort to the person while patching them up and getting them the care they need. This is usually how he is in his free time too, he’s friendly and kind but is usually calm and it takes a lot to rile him up. He’s always willing to help someone out and doesn’t expect much in return except for maybe a thank you.

- their job
- sweets/candy
- animals
- nature

- being woken up after work for no reason
- oblivious/hateful people
- Sour stuff
- seeing people in pain/struggling
His cat, Fish -

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