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Wild Card (Elite Ops, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Hero thought dead returns with new face and identity [s]

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Rena Mckinney | 5 comments I cant remember character names or c author just the plot. This bookis part of a series with undercover ops. Hero and herione are married. Hero gets taken and held h i s wife thinks he is dead, he is rescuded by a team. Ithink his uncle leads the team. He has been pumped full of a sex drug. I dont remember if he gets a new face because of injuries or what but he returns with a new face and idenity but hiswife is kept in the dark. He works at the garage he owned. His vCard wife slowly realizes who he is. There is some joking his wifes does with him about her "husbands" truck after she figures out who he is but does not let on she knows. Also when maki g love to her he uses, a phrase her husband always called her. His uncle also gets a book later on and the characters show up in the connected books as well.

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Ensign (ensignbell) | 28 comments Wild Card by Lora Leigh

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Rena Mckinney | 5 comments Thank you so much!

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Ensign (ensignbell) | 28 comments =)

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