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message 1: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Morrison (morrisonsdm) | 9 comments My goodreads author page is currently defaulted as "S. D. Morrison,"S.D. Morrison even though most of my books are under "Stephen D. Morrison."Stephen D. Morrison I would love, if it is possible, to reverse this, i.e., make my Goodreads page "Stephen D. Morrison" and set the "see also" page as S. D. Morrison. Perhaps by changing my goodreads name to "Stephen D. Morrison" and leaving the linking it with the Stephen D. Morrison books, while removing the S. D. Morrison links and making that a secondary "see also" page? Would this be possible? My goodreads page has bothered me for some time since it has made primary a secondary name and secondary my primary name.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 16297 comments You could also get rid of S.D. entirely and just be Stephen D. Morrison, since that "includes" the other name.

message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Morrison (morrisonsdm) | 9 comments Yes, that would be fine with me. I'm not sure how to do that without losing anything from the accounts in the process. If it's possible, then I would be happy with that solution.

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott | 16297 comments Staff would have to do it. You wouldn't lose anything; everything would be merged into one.

message 5: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Morrison (morrisonsdm) | 9 comments Okay. Thanks, Scott. How do I notify them, or is this post sufficient?

message 7: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Morrison (morrisonsdm) | 9 comments Thanks

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