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Where you can create a specific piece of equipment unique to your pirate, like Jack has his iconic compass.

basic template:

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 160 comments Mod
Name: Angel´s gaze

Owner: Micheal ¨Lucky¨ Adams

Function: locating things

Bio: Michael was digging around an old shipwreck and found this buried inside an old footlocker. They were encased in a large, watertight jar. Michael took this up and soon discovered it´s power.

Appearance: A wrought steel spyglass with a jet black map. The locations of everything are lined in white.

Function description: The user forms a bond with the trinket by giving it a drop of their blood. The user then can whisper what they are looking for. The map will manifest a wispy red dot on the location or the spyglass will form a line only seen through it on the sea.

Other: Once the user has paid tribute, the trinket will only serve that person until they die. The owner will also hear the trinket whisper to them, usually helpful advice or warnings of impending danger.

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Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments I wanna make a trinket now :D

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