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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Scifi book read in the mid 1990s: a guy inherits or purchses a piece of property that has a barn on it... [s]

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Keith | 11 comments ...he discovers a doorway inside the barn to another world, a parallel universe where there are no people, just wild country. he gets help from friends to use it a natural resource or something, they even take a dune buggy through it and drive around. the book cover had an animal head, i think a cougar/wildcat/lion or something.

Keith | 11 comments the title may have had “wild” in it

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Aerulan | 1180 comments Wildside by Steven Gould?

Keith | 11 comments solved! thanx!

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Aerulan | 1180 comments Keith wrote: "solved! thanx!"

You're welcome!

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