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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina | 43 comments The book Amerikaner by Björn af Kleen has 312 pages. I am having the book in front of me, borrowed from my local library.

Thank you in advance.

message 2: by annob (new)

annob | 1548 comments Hej Nina,

thank you for reporting, page count added. Do you happen to know of a more exact release day of this edition than what Goodreads currently have on record (year 2019)?

message 3: by Nina (new)

Nina | 43 comments I can only find information that this book was released in March 2019, not the exact date.

message 4: by annob (new)

annob | 1548 comments Many thanks, added. And no worries about not finding an exact date, March is better info than just the year. Among other things, it will help members when they want to sort their bookshelves by date published.

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