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message 1: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn Watson (scrubbie) | 5 comments Mod
This is where we would like to offer any user friendly tips we come across. Please feel free to post any other tips that you come across as well. This post will be edited as more tips and useful tricks are found!


*In this day and age almost everyone has their phone on them and on the go non stop. The Goodreads app is a very useful tool and when looking up a book there is a button that looks like a camera that you can click and search for the book you have. This feature can search by the barcode or the front of the book! How cool is that!

message 2: by Denise (new)

Denise | 60 comments Mod
The tip about scanning the front of the book has made life so much easier!!!!

message 3: by TRenee (new)

TRenee | 99 comments Mod
For those new to GoodReads, here are some common tips useful when writing posts.
If you click the (some html is ok) link at the top right of your comment box, you will find instructions for modifying your text. This is not always available from Tablet or Phone apps so below are some of the more commonly used codes :)

If you want to:
Bold then type < b > Your text < /b >
Italicize then type < i > Your text < /i >
Underline then type < u > Your text < /u >
(view spoiler) then type < spoiler > Your text < /spoiler > (others will have to click "view spoiler" to reveal what you've written)

There should be no spaces between <> signs & the initial used within them

You may use multiple codes at the same time, but each code must be done separately
Example: < b > < u > Example: < /b > < /u > (no spaces between the first <> set & the next <> one)

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