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message 1: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Sevov | 81 comments Hi Ginger,
Glad to have you here. I have a 97K YA Fantasy and Science Fiction novel that doesn't shy away from the dark realities of life. It is the story of war, vengeance and family drama as well as coming of age. I would like you to comment on world building, characters and their development, grammar, plot and give me an overall opinion on the story. If you are interested please reach me at
Best of wishes!

message 2: by Ravi (new)

Ravi  Krish (ravikrish) | 17 comments Ginger wrote: "Hi Everyone!

I've just finished up all the projects I had lined up and I have a little time to beta read for someone if needed.

I'm interested in delving into paid services at some point but I'd ..."

Hi Ginger,

I had completed my first Book - 'An Other Tale of Two Cities - In the Dragon's Lair' about 3 years back. I have been regularly improving the book based on feedback from my friends in the last 2 years. I think it has reached the Beta stage, ready for the last edits before publishing.

I am glad that you are offering your Beta reading to authors. I hope my work meets your interests.

'An Other Tale of Two Cities - In the Dragon's Lair,' is an epic saga - an intense Action-Adventure-Romance - that explores the sporting, cultural and political traditions, and exposes the contrasts and the rivalry between two modern nations and their strong personalities. Bordering on the Literary and told eloquently, the passionate ‘Tale’ offers several heart and mind whelming moments as also thrilling roller-coaster rides between Chennai in India and Shanghai in China.

A short back cover view of the book...

Two talented Table Tennis players, Kula and Jay set out on their journey from a small town near Chennai (previously Madras), India to win Gold at the 'Games' at Shanghai, China, against a formidable Chinese team. Along their journey they discover true and eternal friendship with Li Ling, a member of the Chinese Table Tennis team, who joins their magical voyage, highlighted by triangular love, humour and sacrifice.
They are constantly subverted by a bitter loser, a vengeful, vicious and venemous Deng. Soon, thanks to the adversary and his Godfather, a powerful ruling elite with his own ambition to become President, Kula is accused of stealing Chinese National secrets and as an Indian agent. He and his Chinese girlfriend, Li are on the run to escape the police dragnet and sure gallows for both. They are chased into the Shanghai suburbs by their nemesis and a shoot-out ensues...
Do the trio survive the 'waves of attack' of the persistent Deng?
‘Meet the dragon’, they did!!! But, beat the dragon, did they??? Be there ‘to watch from the front row’ each of their fights for possible Gold at the 'Games' at Shanghai!
Does Lt. Gen. Ping save the Chinese President from impeachment and an attempted coup?
Someone commented earlier, ‘Kula’s love will not get consummated’! Does the prophesy (or curse!) come true?
And who wins Kula eventually? Jay or Li? And how?

It’s a long book. (Almost 126,000+ words). The plot spans across Chennai and Shanghai, back and forth. The weakness is, it can’t be confined to one single genre. In fact, it has several story lines, each touching a different genre, while primarily a Romantic Adventure-Action, and the setting is sports (unsporting?) rivalry with a lot of Political drama (Domestic and International) and diplomacy. May be it is its strength!

I wanted someone expert to review and say if it’s good to publish. Who my readers would be? Who would be interested as a publisher? Also needed help to edit (copy edit? proof reading? I don’t know the difference). Can that someone help me get my book published?

I hope this subject interests you and you could help as a Beta Reader and reviewer. I hope I can get your answers to my questions.

Please let me know and also in which format would you want the book to be forwarded to you. I will send you the latest version of the book for your Beta review.

Thank you,
Best Regards,
Ravi Krish
'An Other Tale of Two cities - In the Dragon's Lair'

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello Ginger!

If you're still taking on projects, would you be interested in giving feedback on my story? It's an Urban Fantasy novel at about 67k words. Here is the blurb.

It has been centuries since the Magi have last been seen. In those years the world has changed greatly, and with it, the memory of the Magi faded.
But the Magi live on.
They have learned to conceal themselves from the prying eyes of humans. They have learned to walk among them without ever being discovered. In some cases, some Magi don’t even know that they are Magi.
Tyler Metal is one of these cases.
Tyler is like many other people. Directionless. Lost. Looking for some kind of purpose at the great crossroads of life. But like so many others, he is left clueless.
That is, until, he encounters a person that gives him exactly what he wants. A purpose within the vast, chaotic sea of life. But when disaster strikes, he must flee if he wants a chance at survival.
Yet unbeknownst to him and everyone else, there is a great threat looming over the world.

If you would be interested you can just message me on here or email me at:

Have a great day!


message 4: by Ginger (new)

Ginger | 4 comments Hi Jake,
Thanks for reaching out. What always seems to happen is that I have nothing to do and then six great books that need reading by the end of the day.
To make things fair I need to go with the first reply however if you're not in a huge hurry I can probably read for you a little later or do chapter by chapter so I can read the other book I committed to.
Please let me know if either of those work for you.

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary Elizabeth Hughes Hi Ginger,
Well, you have a long list, but I'm going to ask anyway, cause what I have to offer is a little different from the others. It's Historical Fiction, 86,000 words and it's Part 2 of a trilogy.
Here's the blurb:
Living with her in-laws, dealing with her first pregnancy, acclimatizing to Canadian customs and weather, Imagining Violet Married is an intimate look at a young English bride's life in Toronto at the turn of the 20th century. While her husband is forging a brilliant career as a concert pianist in a city that is rapidly becoming the musical centre of Canada, Violet's life is full of small domestic challenges. All this makes for a lively correspondence as Violet writes about her life to her close friends and family. This is a sequel to the recently published Imagining Violet.

The first book, published in late 2018 is IMAGINING VIOLET Imagining Violet, if you want some idea of what people thought of it.

I think you're likely pretty busy now, but reply if this is of interest.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Ginger wrote: "Hi Jake,
Thanks for reaching out. What always seems to happen is that I have nothing to do and then six great books that need reading by the end of the day.
To make things fair I need to go with t..."

Hello Ginger! I'm glad to hear that you took an interest.

For me, either method works. I can send you pieces of the story or the whole thing whichever you want. Just message me on here or email me when you want me to send something to you. I'm in no rush.

Have a great day!

message 7: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Keast (christopher_keast) | 18 comments Hi Ginger,

Would you be interested in beta reading my 90K-word sci-fi dystopia novel?

A little about my story:
In the not-so distant future, as the digital world’s freight-train steam rolls right into its inevitable threshold of physical data storage limits, strange things begin to happen. At the same time, Kicis and Anna are each at a philosophical crossroads of sorts. For Kicis, his knowledge of history cannot yet help him decipher what the future holds regarding the limits of humans’ Earthly data aggregation and smartphone obsessions – including his own. For Anna, it’s what to do next with her life after a major career change from law to photography, followed by a provocating breakup with her former lover. The two of them collide into one another under most inauspicious circumstances: the world’s most reveled structural human artifacts begin mysteriously disappearing. As the rest of the world tries to find the meaning and reasons behind it, the two of them become transfixed on this new problem, trying to solve the final riddle plaguing humanity. Despite world leaders outlawing such detective work, someone needs to figure it out, as global worries peak. Has a tipping point been reached within the bounds of Earth’s physical constraints? Or is it simply the beginning of the Datapocalypse?

Please let me know if this is of interest. I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

message 8: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 101 comments Hello, Ginger!

I'm looking for beta readers with a love for fairy tales. This one, called "A Most Charming Couple," is a fairy tale but with a feminist take. Think of Prince Charming doing all he can for his lady love, but what happens when he leaves her?

If you would like to beta read, please contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kat Devitt

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