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How does receiving a negative review make you feel?

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message 1: by Rhian (new)

Rhian (rhianima) | 21 comments Question: how does it *feel* to you when you get a bad review?

I keep seeing posts pop up asking writers how they deal with bad reviews. I thought I'd write some advice our here.

I don't want to just dump the blog link, though. If you have any further advice, or if you disagree completely, or just want to chat, please do. :)

message 2: by A.D.T. (new)

A.D.T. (adtmclellan) | 3 comments GREAT question.
It's not a great feeling, but it happens to everyone. Not everybody is going to *get* your book, because the world is full of vastly different individuals.
However, I personally either take the negative reviews into account and try to see it from their point of view... to some degree.
But then again, sometimes people just don't get it and there's nothing you can do about it.

message 3: by Rhian (new)

Rhian (rhianima) | 21 comments Yeah, I totally understand the "not getting it". Social media is a great teacher when it comes to the fact that people will often read what they want to read rather than what's actually there.

message 4: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Jane | 1 comments It really hurts but eventually I turn it into humor:

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