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fletch (ilikebicycles) | 2 comments Okay so I read this book 2008ish maybe. What I vaguely remember is that the protagonist is a woman and it’s taking place while she’s going to court because her child who was in a hospital (mental hospital maybe) is being charged for murdering their roommate and she’s trying to prove they didn’t to it.

I feel like this is an important detail to finding what the book is... but it ends with the protagonist figuring out that the mother of the child who was murdered was the one who did it. She killed her own child and blamed it on the protagonists child.

This sounds so crazy and weird but it’s been driving me crazy all day.

message 2: by fletch (new)

fletch (ilikebicycles) | 2 comments OMG I FOUND IT. took all day!

It’s called Saving Max by Antionette van Heugten

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