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message 1: by Shea (new)

Shea | 11 comments I just discovered this book was released this past month "The Land of Trademark Online." I'm semi new to the genre with my first series being "The Land" and was drawn into it. I was disappointed to learn of certain actions by the author of the book series. I've not researched the situation as a whole so haven't formulated a full opinion on the matter.....but this book makes me realize that there's really some strong feelings going on here and I figured I'd share what I recently found.

Very Respectfully,

message 2: by DJay (new)

DJay (djdjay) | 31 comments Did not know this. I have got to look into this.

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Katz | 22 comments it isn't overly complicated, if you are referring to Kong.
Long story short, he did 2 main things that turned a lot of people off.
1) he runs his LitRPG facebook page rather... strict (let's be nice), with respect to authors, or people voicing opinions that he doesn't care to be voiced
2) he tried (or is he still trying? I'm not exactly up to date on this) to copyright the LitRPG term, and a lot of people are leery of him doing so, because they are worried that he will impose fees and other rules on authors using the term LitRPG in their books. People tried voicing their dissatisfaction (politely and otherwise) on his facebook page, but they ran into problem #1.

Despite these issues, a lot of people still love his books, since we at least try to separate the art from the artist, or the book from the author, as it were, because (imho) he really is an amazing author.

message 4: by Shea (new)

Shea | 11 comments Finished the book and I was happily surprised to find it had a story and that I liked it.

message 5: by R.J. (new)

R.J. Triveri | 35 comments Shea wrote: "Finished the book and I was happily surprised to find it had a story and that I liked it."

I love the author's name, N.P.C.

message 6: by Shea (last edited Apr 08, 2019 01:00PM) (new)

Shea | 11 comments @R.J.
I enjoyed it as well; part of the great fun of the book for me was trying to decipher what items were just general humor and which were satire/parody with real world references.

I added your book to my to read list. I didn't see what setting(world type) it is in the game. Not sure if it was on purpose or not, but a review mentioning a support class caught my eye.

Very Respectfully,

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