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message 1: by Ita (new)

Ita Ekhaletruo | 4 comments Hi, I'm Ita and new to the group.

I'm looking for at least one beta reader for a 110K fantasy novel. Might have more than one though, depending on the fees. The novel's gone through a couple of redrafts now so I believe it's ready for close scrutiny.

The novel is probably most reminiscent of ASOIAF in how it might come across. However, the heavy influence does come from my interest in the Roman Empire and its history. It's the first part of what I envisage to be a trilogy.

Without going into too much detail. When the Emperor falls ill his children line themselves ready to fight over the throne. At the same time a charismatic but mysterious girl is on a mission to spread her ministry. Amidst this a shocking discovery is made by the Emperor's most trusted diplomat, one which could shake the empire's very foundations.

Happy to expand on this in a one-to-one, so if interested hit me up!

Preference would be continue any discussion via email, so reach me at:



message 2: by Dana (new)

Dana (maclease) | 76 comments Hi,
I would be interested in reading for you. If you would like to check out information on my work and rates, my website with reviews is:
I can be reached at and if you would like me to do a sample read of a chapter or two I would be happy to do so.
Thank You

message 3: by Savannah (new)

Savannah | 4 comments Hi!

I'm very interested in reading for you! This novel sounds amazing. if you would like to discuss rates and see my work, my website is:

Or you can reach me through my email at:

I look forward to hearing from you!

message 4: by Carole (new)

Carole (goodreadscomcarolem) | 5 comments Another Beta Reader with a long time interest in the Roman Empire, & I do read Fantasy. Here's a link to my website but funds are Canadian.

message 5: by Ita (new)

Ita Ekhaletruo | 4 comments Thanks everybody for getting in touch. I've now got my beta readers, however I'll keep all of you in mind should I require more.

message 6: by Megan (new)

Megan | 10 comments Hi there Ita – Just wondering if you were looking for any more beta readers since your original post?

I have spaces available to beta read and I’m a huge fantasy fan (especially ASOIAF), as well as a bit of a European history nerd!

I charge £0.0015 per word ($0.0019USD). I have a First Class (Hons) degree in Education, and am currently undertaking editing courses. I’m also a writer myself – I’m working on a Revise and Resubmit for an agent at the moment – so I completely understand what it’s like to write a book and send it off to readers for critique. I take between 4 and 6 weeks to read a manuscript and compile a feedback letter (3-5 pages), and I’d happily chat to you afterwards for any questions or clarifications you may need. I have more information on my website – Please feel free to contact me here, or via my email if you want more information.

message 7: by Kai (new)

Kai (kaipotter) | 10 comments Hey!
I offer beta reading services on my Fiverr for an affordable rate. I am always honest, I give professional feedback and I always give advice on how to improve your manuscript!
I always track all changes and give feedback on plot, character development, writing style, dialogue, pacing, coherence, minor grammar issues and more. If there's anything in particular that you need me to focus on, that is always welcome!
I mostly do these genres but not limited to: Contemporary fiction, Scifi, fantasy, LGBTQ+, poetry, YA, Children's lit, Romance, Historical Fiction.

Contact me if you have any questions on Fiverr or my email
:) I have only recently opened an account of Fiverr so my prices are very low at the moment!:

Thanks for considering me,

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