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KennethMcCutcheon | 35 comments I thought I would let everyone know Titan Books are for the first time printing Jim Cawthorne's final graphic novel adaptation of the Runestaff books which he began in the 1970's with The Jewel in the Skull and The Crystal and the Amulet . First , they are reprinting the aformentioned above graphic novels in Michael Moorcock's Chronicles of Hawkmoon Volume 1 which is available now on Amazon or the Book Depository , Secondly and amazing for me as I never knew Jim Cawthorne had completed the books , for the first time his adaptation of The Sword of the Dawn and The Runestaff is available for pre order as The Chronicles of Hawkmoon Volume 2 and will be published in January 2020 . The artwork in the earlier books , like his oversized adaptation of Stormbringer , is amazing and no doubt the new book will be brilliant .

message 2: by Heresiologist (new)

Heresiologist | 192 comments Mod
Wow. I was hoping to get Volume 1 last x-mas. Now I'm not so sure I can patiently wait for another try next x-mas.

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I can see Jim Cawthorne's versions on pre-sales at Amazon. While not available, I will give myself a birthday gift;

Drawn by Mike Mignola...

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Lemec | 251 comments Mod
That's awesome! I never knew they were coming out. Fantastic!

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Heresiologist | 192 comments Mod
So, it turned out I did get Volume 1 of Hawkmoon for x-mas 2018. It just didn't arrive until about a week ago.

Anyway, good stuff. Can't wait for the conclusion.

KennethMcCutcheon | 35 comments I managed to find really nice issues of the Jewel in the Skull and The Crystal and the Amulet some years ago , I also managed to obtain a lovely issue of Stormbringer from John Davey , who was really helpful . I actually had the Stormbringer in my hands in a comic shop in London back in 1978 and for some mad reason , I never bought it . I'm also looking forward to the conclusion of Jim Cawthorne`s adaptation .

Pietro_Mercurios_01 | 76 comments Mod
I've got copies of some of these, as well. Large format and eye watering works of art in B&W. Cawthorne's work is a fascinating balance of Fan, enthusiastic amateur and genius, from the place where true art comes from.

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