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New Release! Emissary (books one AND two!)

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message 1: by Silas (new)

Silas Post (silaspost) | 3 comments Hi all,

Just dropping a note here about my new series: Emissary. Here's a link to book 1 and the blurb. Thanks for giving me a try!

Emissary: Of Gods and Monsters

I stand at the nexus of the monstrous and the divine.

When a woman with horns and hooves came to my door, I could have stayed in bed. I could have ignored her invitation to a world unknown. Instead, I saved her life. And that changed everything.

She is a marvelous creature, with fickle desires and a mischievous glint in her onyx-black eyes. She is brazen and brash and bold — though vulnerable. She is hunted. But she is not without hope.

A goddess of resplendent grace and beauty watches over the mythical races of the dark forest. She awaits a champion to save them from the brink of a violent extinction. To protect the women I grow to love, I must abandon my small and backwater life to become something more. I must become her emissary.

A holy goddess who sees without sight. A muscled cyclopean beauty en route to the castle's door. A thirsty satyress with a penchant for cherry wine. Together, we will reshape the world.

WARNING: This book contains violence and gore, explicit sexual encounters, puppets, a goddess with no love of privacy, monster girls in mortal danger, a pampered prince, dazzling divine artifacts, insatiable women, blessed intercourse in a holy temple, death and dismemberment, a god whose anger ignites at deception, a pageant dressing room of hideous horrors, and a rapist who gets tossed into another dimension.

Emissary: Of Gods and Monsters

message 2: by ÆGEON (new)

ÆGEON DAVIS | 13 comments Mod
Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out.

message 3: by Silas (new)

Silas Post (silaspost) | 3 comments Thank you! Happy reading :)

message 4: by Iori (new)

Iori | 1 comments I bought this, I will read it later.

message 5: by Silas (last edited Apr 23, 2019 06:09AM) (new)

Silas Post (silaspost) | 3 comments Thanks, Lori! I look forward to seeing what you think.

Ben  Jackson | 4 comments I wonder when the third one will be released.

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