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This is the public workshop, where anyone who wishes can post their incomplete characters and comment on the characters of others.

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Basic Information
Name: Jankin Sparrow
Nickname: Jank, Janks, Jankie
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Murder, theft, kidnapping, mercenary. Occupation is more commonly known as Piracy.

Appearance information
Physical Appearance:
Related image
Clothing Appearance: See above image.
Accessories: Similarly to his father, Jankin is almost never seen without his signature hat. Unlike his father, Jankin does not possess the magic compass.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176
Notable Features: Like many pirates, Jankin has the pirate brand burned on the underside of his left forearm.

Psychological Analysis
Personality: Jankin is a little nuts. This comes from both being the bastard son of Jack Sparrow and the heatstroke that came from being shanghaied onto a tiny ship with the below decks and quarters being reserved solely for cargo.
Janks is something of an alchoholic. He likes his rum, and he likes to not run out of rum. Sometimes this ends in whoever drained the keg getting possibly pushed over the side of the boat on a quiet night when everyone's asleep.
Psychological Strengths: Jankin is unpredictable, even by pirate standards. A drunken crazy pirate isn't going to follow your rules of engagement, mostly because he passed out in the middle of the lesson, but also because he just does not care. He's a pirate, he likes his plunder, he likes his booze. He'll do crazy stuff for either.
Psychological Weaknesses: He's a drunkard. He can be manipulated by booze.
Known Psychological Disorders/Syndromes/Defects:
Madness caused by heatstroke
Short Temper
Other Noteworthy Psychological Aspects:
He's probably gonna put a bullet in you if you try to take his ship from him.

Personal Information
History: Jankin is the bastard son of Jack Sparrow, born to one of the women of a brothel Jack visited on a trip to Tortuga. The women of the brothel essentially took turns being his mother until he was old enough to figure out that Jasmine was his actual mother.
His mother never liked to talk about Jank's father, dodging the question or calling Jack a jack*ss. By this time, Jank knew from experience that when his family insulted people, it's because they miss them for some reason, which gave Jank a reason to keep an eye out for any people he didn't immediately recognize.
Apparently, one pirate captain wasn't too fond of the brothel, because cannon fire shook the building. Falling debris knocked Jankin out, and when he woke up he was in the middle of the ocean aboard the Ebony Wyrm, a pirate sloop.
When the crew of the Wyrm took a merchant ship, Jankin employed the mutiny card and took over, rechristening the merchant ship as the Scorned Woman.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Frequenter of Tortuga
Family Members:
Captain Jack Sparrow (Biological Father)
Jasmine Bellar (Mother)
Jesse, Jacqueline, Mary, Blondie, and Katherine ("Aunts"
Ben ("Uncle")
Rank: Captain, wanted felon.
Felonies/Crimes: 43 counts of murder, 5 counts of assault against a court official, 30 against patrons of his home brothel, 20 counts of theft, piracy, counterfeiting, bootlegging, sinking an East India Trading Company flagship, 5 counts of resisting arrest, Drunk and Disorderly Conduct, Sailing under the Influence, disturbing the peace
Weapon(s) of Choice: Jesse will typically use whatever pistol or sword he can get his hands on, however his favorite is a pair of dual cutlasses.
Related image

Theme Song: He's a Pirate orchestra (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUnrW...)
"Why is the booze always gone?"
"Buddy, I'm Captain Jankin Sparrow, capiche?"
"You look familiar, have I gotten drunk with you before?"
"The problem isn't the problem. The problem is your attitude towards my drinking problem."
"You can always trust me to be dishonest. It's me honest cohorts you should watch out for."
"I was born and raised in a brothel, pal. I know how to hurt a man without killing him."
"Like my father used to say; Out here there are only two rules; what a man can't do, and what he can."
"Hell hath no fury like the Scorned Woman."


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