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Weapon(s) of Choice:

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Basic Information
Name: Jankin Sparrow
Nickname: Jank, Janks, Jankie
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Murder, theft, kidnapping, mercenary. Occupation is more commonly known as Piracy.

Appearance information
Physical Appearance:
Related image
Clothing Appearance: See above image.
Accessories: Similarly to his father, Jankin is almost never seen without his signature hat. Unlike his father, Jankin does not possess the magic compass.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176
Notable Features: Like many pirates, Jankin has the pirate brand burned on the underside of his left forearm.

Psychological Analysis
Personality: Jankin is a little nuts. This comes from both being the bastard son of Jack Sparrow and the heatstroke that came from being shanghaied onto a tiny ship with the below decks and quarters being reserved solely for cargo.
Janks is something of an alchoholic. He likes his rum, and he likes to not run out of rum. Sometimes this ends in whoever drained the keg getting possibly pushed over the side of the boat on a quiet night when everyone's asleep.
Psychological Strengths: Jankin is unpredictable, even by pirate standards. A drunken crazy pirate isn't going to follow your rules of engagement, mostly because he passed out in the middle of the lesson, but also because he just does not care. He's a pirate, he likes his plunder, he likes his booze. He'll do crazy stuff for either.
Psychological Weaknesses: He's a drunkard. He can be manipulated by booze.
Known Psychological Disorders/Syndromes/Defects:
Madness caused by heatstroke
Short Temper
Other Noteworthy Psychological Aspects:
He's probably gonna put a bullet in you if you try to take his ship from him.

Personal Information
History: Jankin is the bastard son of Jack Sparrow, born to one of the women of a brothel Jack visited on a trip to Tortuga. The women of the brothel essentially took turns being his mother until he was old enough to figure out that Jasmine was his actual mother.
His mother never liked to talk about Jank's father, dodging the question or calling Jack a jack*ss. By this time, Jank knew from experience that when his family insulted people, it's because they miss them for some reason, which gave Jank a reason to keep an eye out for any people he didn't immediately recognize.
Apparently, one pirate captain wasn't too fond of the brothel, because cannon fire shook the building. Falling debris knocked Jankin out, and when he woke up he was in the middle of the ocean aboard the Ebony Wyrm, a pirate sloop.
When the crew of the Wyrm took a merchant ship, Jankin employed the mutiny card and took over, rechristening the merchant ship as the Scorned Woman.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Frequenter of Tortuga
Family Members:
Captain Jack Sparrow (Biological Father)
Jasmine Bellar (Mother)
Jesse, Jacqueline, Mary, Blondie, and Katherine ("Aunts"
Ben ("Uncle")
Rank: Captain, wanted felon.
Felonies/Crimes: 43 counts of murder, 5 counts of assault against a court official, 30 against patrons of his home brothel, 20 counts of theft, piracy, counterfeiting, bootlegging, sinking an East India Trading Company flagship, 5 counts of resisting arrest, Drunk and Disorderly Conduct, Sailing under the Influence, disturbing the peace
Weapon(s) of Choice: Jesse will typically use whatever pistol or sword he can get his hands on, however his favorite is a pair of dual cutlasses.
Related image

Theme Song: He's a Pirate orchestra (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUnrW...)
"Why is the booze always gone?"
"Buddy, I'm Captain Jankin Sparrow, capiche?"
"You look familiar, have I gotten drunk with you before?"
"The problem isn't the problem. The problem is your attitude towards my drinking problem."
"You can always trust me to be dishonest. It's me honest cohorts you should watch out for."
"I was born and raised in a brothel, pal. I know how to hurt a man without killing him."
"Like my father used to say; Out here there are only two rules; what a man can't do, and what he can."
"Hell hath no fury like the Scorned Woman."


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Lol. The guys and I bouncd this concept around for a while before I put this to keyboard

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Karsyn   Shae “No mourners. No funerals.”~The Crows (karsynshae) | 3 comments Well, it's great! And I seriously love pirates, thanks for inviting me to this group.

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Name: Michael ¨Lucky¨ Adams

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Ship: The Revenant


Related image

Personality: He seems sane on the outside, but the way he gets
information and even his loot is all but insane. He is the farthest from sane a man can get, even could give Jack Sparrow some competition.

Bio: Michael was nothing but a deck swabber on a schooner when he turned of age. Though on his very first day the schooner was targeted by the revanant, mainly because their cargo was funds for arms and food for the English occupation in the British Isles. The crew was asked to punch their captain and join them. Michael actually drew his sword on the pirates to defend his captain´s honor. This hit home with the old captain of the revanant. He was spared and the rest of the crew was killed. Since then he has been onboard the ship.

Weapon(s) of Choice: twin Scottish broadswords and a set of four flintlock pistols. (pistols attached to hips and swords on the back)


Related image

Related image


Image result for custom flintlock pistol

Other: He has a pet eagle named Stella

Charges: (At least on record)
3 counts of public drunkenness

2 counts of robbery

4 counts of murder

20 counts of illegal dueling

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  template creator ⇝ solanine 

gwendoline 'gwen' 'gwennie' 'glen' marcy adams; 'the blonde menace' - female - bisexual, 26; october 30th; tortuga. formerly barmaid, currently; thief and pirate. affiliated with; revenant, rank; first mate

(view spoiler)

━━━━━━ ▵ ━━━━━━━

witty ⇂ while she's known for being hard to get along with at times, gwen is also known for her fun banter with patrons
hot headed ⇂ she is someone quick to anger, always looking for a fight
reckless ⇂ something she's never quite grown out of is her need to find herself in trouble, not so much nowadays but she has her moments
stubborn ⇂ if she sets her mind on an opinion, it's best you don't try to sway her as it'd be a waste of time
independent ⇂ growing up with no one to completely rely on gwen learned to depend and rely on herself
sharp tongued ⇂ sometimes without meaning it gwen can be harsh with her words and tone
blunt ⇂ speaking her mind about nearly anything and everything, it has gotten her into trouble over the years
sarcastic ⇂ witty and harsh as she is, gwen is also quite sarcastic playing to the banter between people
defensive ⇂ having grown up in environments that made her quite independent it also made her defensive about herself and her issues always finding a way to deflect

━━━━━━ ▵ ━━━━━━━

lover ⇂ open; though gwen isnt good with feelings, past realtionships making the idea of someone having affection for her out of question in her mind. she prefers to chase them off with blunt and utter rudeness if she doesn't try and fight them first.

━━━━━━ ▵ ━━━━━━━

having grown up in tortuga, gwendoline marcy adams was no stranger to the crime that ran rampant around the island. from what she could get out of her mother she's the offspring of some estranged lord of whom fell for her mother's looks in their youth. whoever he is gwen expressed no warmth to him and hardly to her mother of whom was sickly... overall not right in her head. 

she was a rowdy kid, fighting for her bread and eventually for fun... if gwen could get the boys to let her that is, after all, it's 'not right for a lady to fight' but hell if that ever stopped her!

getting into her teens gwen began wearing men's clothing in order to get more labor-based jobs for income to support herself and her mother. she was successful in getting one and took to working on the docks in the early morning going by glen to those she worked with. once the work was over she'd get into her plain clothes and head down to the pub and work as a barmaid. she was exposed to plenty of rough crowds on the docks and in the pub, bounty hunters, pirates you name them gwen served them.

though she was getting her share of work, gwen also made a name for herself when it came to fighting on tortuga. the blonde menace they called her, and it was actually that aspect of her that caught the eye of a sailor. he was an arrogant fool, but he offered her a spot on his ship to which gwen turned down only to join later that week as 'glen'.

she was only twenty when she joined the atlas under her male name, and within her two years aboard it everyone became aware the fact she was a woman. it didnt matter however because no one tried anything, after all most had their asses handed to her in hand to hand. just before she turned twenty three the atlas was overrun and taken.

now the atlas was a small ship with a small crew, all of which were smart enough to bolt if they feared their lives. gwen was not one of them even when evan, her captain said to stand down. while the others were easily detained without conflict gwen had already had two men unconscious by her feet and was working on the third before she was taken from behind and was forced to submit. her knife was taken from her, but before gwen was pinned to the deck of the ship she managed to spit on one of the men detaining her.

apparently her show of strength and defiance to defend the crew that had become her friends in the last year and a half impressed some higher ranking members of the invading crew because next thing gwen knew she was face to face with the captain. in the struggle her hat had been knocked down causing loose blonde hair to come tumbling down. the fighter they'd been so impressed with was a young woman, one who still was attempting to throw off the people holding her.

the atlas was surrendered to the revanant and gwen was given a choice of going down with the ship that had truly given herself a sense of free will, or to come aboard the revenant. while she would have prided herself that she was loyal, gwen also would have preferred to live. evan seemed to understand what she chose.

after her joining gwen made her way through the ranks, be it earning or defeating those hodling rank. eventually gwen grew to like the crew and managed to actually find ways to keep them under control. this achievement eventually granted her the rank of first mate under captain michael adams, of whom she bares no relation despite what the crew says.

━━━━━━ ▵ ━━━━━━━

disabilities⇂ n/a
crutches⇂ enjoys her cigars
weapons⇂ favors cutlasses and throwing knives, she also has a combat knife that she uses for multiple tasks
major flaws
⇁ hand to hand
⇁ some basic first aid
⇁ starting fights
⇁ pain tolerence
⇁ holding her liqour

⇁ can be cocky
⇁ connecting with people
⇁ kids
⇁ her temper

⇁ cheap alcohol
⇁ adrenaline highs
⇁ the color red
⇁ sparring

⇁ black coffee
⇁ arrogance
⇁ unfair fights
⇁ losing
⇁ authority figures
⇁ 4 counts of illegal dueling
⇁ at least 30 known counts of assault
⇁ 8 counts of stealing

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Image result for im okay anime gif

{Full Name}:

Chiyo Kaminari


Chi, Silver Rose




Chaotic Neutral


Freelancer (Pirate). She's kind of a pirate, but it's more like she just follows her brother around. She's also a thief.

{Biological Gender}:


{Preferred Pronouns}:




~Insert Image!~
{Face Claim}



Long, Wavy, White hair

{Skin Tone}:

Pale Porcelain


A dark shade of red




98 lbs

{Body Frame}:

Slender, Petite


She always has this pirate hat on, but her brother claims that he did not give it to her and that he has no idea where she got it. While she claims she didn't steal it and that she's had it as long as she remember, despite her brother not being able to remember it at any point in the girl's childhood.

{Other Distinguishing Features/Important Info}:

She has a small scar on her forehead, hardly noticeable. Her brother claims he remembers vividly that she had tripped and gotten that scar when she busted her head open, while she claims that she was pushed by a friend because they were playing pirates.



~When Chiyo was 6, their mother died and she and her brother were left alone, orphaned. Her brother had only been 12 at the time and had to take care to the young albino child. He would steal and do whatever he could to make it by. He refused to teach Chiyo how to do the things he did, so she taught herself. She learned to steal, fight, and had even killed somebody at some point. None of this mattered though. She had always seemed a bit... out of it. She recalled things no one remembered, her memories a whole jumble. She would say something that never happened, but she would sound so sure of it. Even when her mother was alive, she would mention this friend she had. Their name was Red Rose, which, conveniently, was a pirate that had died over 100 years ago. She seemed so convinced, but no one could vouch for what she said, so she was deemed mental.
She stole a violin, and she would always be talking to herself. Whenever this old lady nearby asked if she needed help learning how to play the violin, she apparently responded with "No thank you, Ma'am. Red Rose is helping me."
Strange enough, she learned how to play the violin by herself. Everyone thought she must have gotten help from the old woman, since she was only 9 when she was able to play her first melody properly. Though the old woman kept insisting she did not help. When she was 10, she met this boy whom she'd always talk to. Everyone seemed to think Chiyo her crazy was infectious, seeing as the boy she hang out with started talking about this "Red Rose" as well. All the kids would always make fun of them, call them freaks and insane. Soon enough, the boy died and Chiyo had her first kill. It wasn't her fault. He was truly going insane. He was starting to scare her because he was muttering something under his breath, his knife in hand. He attacked her, so it was self defense. Everyone thought she had just convinced him of this tall tale known as Red Rose and then killed him when he trusted her.
As she grew, she only became more and more distant from everyone, including her dear brother. Her smile? Fake, non geniune, plastic even. Every little word that was said, everything she did, was carefully thought over, before and after. She always finds something to chastise herself over, something to worry and fret over. Confident outwards, a scared little girl who over-analyzes inwards. "Crazy? Unique more like it." Unique? Ha! More like Different, weird, doesn't belong. "Your a killer!" Yes, exactly. I killed someone, but wouldn't anyone? Humans are selfish, weak. If it were do or die, wouldn't the majority pick do? What makes me any different?
Her thoughts overrides her actions, her words. She grew more and more insecure, and ended up joining the Revanant to get away from it all. To get away from her brother, his expectations he unconciously placed on her. "You're better than that, Chi." Ha! Who are you kidding? You barely know me!


~Chiyo hates having to be serious and is always this huge ball of energy. She's full of sarcasm and is always trying to do something fun. Looking for Robin? Just find this bean, she's most likely going to be right by his side, following him around like a lost puppy. Unless of course, he's with his crew. She kind of looks up to her brother in a sense, and despite the rumors, he never really minded her company. She's always cheerful and pays no mind to others. She doesn't really talk about Red Rose anymore, but if you read through her journal, you'll likely find plenty. Robin, despite everyone thinking Chiyo is crazy, just thinks its an imaginary friend that kind of just stuck around. She's always smiling, even during depressing situation or bad situations that turn south. Rumor has it, she smiled through her own mother's funeral. Only furthers the whole creepy/crazy thing. Just because she's always smiling, doesn't mean she's crazy, she just has trouble expressing emotions. She seems extremely dense, but she's not as stupid and innocent as she lets on. She has this entire inferiority complex no one really knows about.

*Note: If there's a quote, it's something she's said or something that was said to her. If it's striked through, it's her inner thoughts toward said subject.

~--\\Other Info\\--~

{Relationship Status}:



She has an Older brother by the name of Robin.


1 Murder, 34 counts of theft, 10 instances of Assault


Crew Member


The Revanant

{Reason For Joining This Crew?}:

Surprisingly, she didn't join the same crew as her brother. In fact, she joined The Revanant. Why? Why does she do anything at all? Red Rose, Obviously. But that's not a legitimate answer, seeing as Red Rose supposedly doesn't exist. She has this little inferiority complex no one knows about. Insecure about every little thing she does and having to meet up to her brother, who is basically perfect in her eyes, scares her. She joined The Revanant for the sole purpose of not being in the same crew as him and not having to be compared to him by the civilians or possible crew mates. Joining a different crew was an escape route.

{Theme Song}

Feelings Are Fatal


Sweets, Animals, anything sharp, Roses


Guns (Too loud), People who think she's crazy, rumors, Perceptive people, anyone who gets too close.


Despite always being next to her brother, she's always very distant. She'll tell him everything is perfectly fine, but it's likely her covering something up.


"Words cut deeper than knives. A knife can be pulled out, words are embedded into our soul."
"Do Monsters make war, or does war make monsters?"
"Even if you know what's coming, you're never prepared for how it feels."

~Yuki's Template, Please don't use without Permission! If you wish to use this template, don't be afraid to PM me for Permission. I'm not all that mean, so I won't bite you or anything.~

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Name: Olivia Jason
Gender: Female
Ship: the Revenant
Appearance: https://images.app.goo.gl/DF9PPuhQ9Gp...
Personality: Olivia is stubborn, most time sarcastic and very strong. She's rude at times but has an open heart for anyone. Being around people isn't something she likes but hanging around her ship members is fine with her.
Bio: She was left alone after her parents divorced. Her bigger brother was taken away from her at a very young age and so she had to take care of herself in the streets. Her dream was always to become a strong pirate so when she had the opportunity to join the Revenant crew she didn't hesitate and joined.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Dager and knives
Other: She never made friends aside from the Revenant crew. In her childhood, everyone used to tease her for her old clothes and her little money.

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Phoenix~They/Them | 42 comments Name: Jacqueline "Jackie" Sparrow
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Ship: Was a ship called Sea Goddess or something along the lines, but that was destroyed before she was thrown in jail
Jackie is a red-headed young woman, and by redhead, her hair is a bright shade of red, earning her the nickname of the Rose Pirate. Her eyes are a light cerulean blue and she reaches about a small height of 5'4.
Personality: Jackie is, well, like her father and brother, a drunk, though unlike them she can control her habits but sitting in jail sobered her up as well. Jackie is kind and sweet to people she trusts her crew and the people she cares about, including her sibling. Jackie hates being treated like a weakling because she's a girl, though now she uses it to her advantage, tricking people into thinking she's this weak, pretty face before attacking. She's well, stable(ish), with the tendency to get into fights if she gets angry, due to her temper, which was one of the main reason's she went to jail, other then a couple of murders, thefts, and other crimes.
Bio: Jackie was born, twin to Jankin, to a woman of the brothel. Like her brother, she was taken care of by the women of the brothel until she was old enough to know who her mother really was. She never asked about her father though, wanting to find out by herself about him. Her dreams, growing up, was to sail the seas free as she could be, soon on their 18th birthday, she stole one of the ships, disappearing into the ocean.
To her, she enjoyed feeling free, or as free as one girl could be. Stopping at the next island she found, ended up with her having to steal things, including her weapons, causing her to be a wanted person because of it. Jackie didn't really care either, to her rules were meant to be broken, especially in order to survive.
During her time, she murdered a couple of guys for hitting on her, stole some things and was thrown in jail for, who knows how long. Her ship, however, was destroyed when she tried to escape before being in jail. She's now escaped prison because she acted so fearful of a mouse and tricked a guard to check it(This prison guard was not smart XD)
Weapon(s) of Choice: She usually uses two swords and a gun.
(I'll add a pic after school)
She's wanted for murder, treason, theft and now because she's escaped jail
Jack Sparrow-father
Jankin Sparrow-Twin brother
Jasmine Bellar-Mother
Jesse, Jacqueline, Mary, Blondie, and Katherine-"Aunts"

((If I need to add anything let me know and I'll fix it after school, but this is only a quick work so I dont expect it to be good))

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Name: Jax Cason
Gender: Male
Ship: Scorned Woman
Appearance: https://images.app.goo.gl/jeizLVwRxHB...
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Brown
Personality: Super hyper and active. Can’t stay in one place for more than 7 seconds. He loves his ship members and finds them, great friends. He is sarcastic most of the times but in the times of wars, he is very helpful and serious. He smokes and has a sharp voice.
Bio: He joined the ship at the age of 17 but no one knows where he comes from. He never told anyone and when a person asks, he quickly changes the topic.
Weapon: https://images.app.goo.gl/FjwKLKjiF8J...
Favourite food: Tacos
smokes: yes
Drink: Sprite
Hobbies: Baking and writing poetry
Other: he is good at sword fights, but prefer to use guns. Very respectful to his ship members (especially the captain). He’s a trouble maker and might shoot whoever disrespects him. Jax has a young sister who is lost. He joined the ship after the horrible death of his parents.

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I'll just go ahead and post my character here...

Name: Dangereuse Esperetta Syra

Alias: Danger

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Ship: The Revenant (Originally the Devil's Reach)

Occupation/Rank: Junior Buccaneer Captain turn Pirate on the Devil's reach/ No rank has been given on the Revenant yet.

Crew: (If pirate, buccaneer, privateer, or royal navy): The Revenant (Originally the Devil's Reach)

Appearance: Danger is the jewel of the Devil’s Reach with her mane of dark auburn that flows down her back, standing at the height of 5’2, petite and appears to be as fragile as a china doll. Even though she has spent most of her days aboard the Devil’s Reach her porcelain skin remains a beautifully clear. But now her beauty graces the Revenant

Personality: Her Auburn hair says it all. She is fiery and fierce. So much so that her origins were never questioned by the crew. She is very bold and brave. Even though she female most of the crew are afraid of her. She does have a kind heart and she loves those closest to her. She's the illusion of a well breed woman that will fool those that can't see through it. It's best to beware this beauty because danger is just below the suffice.

History/Bio: Danger was the first and only child born on the Devil’s Reach to the ship’s captain’s sister during what was supposed to be a relaxing trip for her, but turned into a raging battle. Her greetings into the world was among the shots and dying screams of battle. During the battle her mother dispatched her current attacks while in labor. Her father died while defending her mother as she gave birth. In his final breath he place a locket around his child’s neck. Her mother was so enraged that she attacked those who killed her love while holding Danger. She fought until she no longer had the strength to fight and held her child close in protection. In her final breath her mother named her, Dangereuse. After the battle her uncle, Tom Cutter, took her in. She was raised on the Devil’s Reach by captain and crew. They made her a part of the crew at an early age where she continued to sail until the fateful battle at Kingston Bay. A battle in which she will lose her family once more. The rage of the battle lit up the night sky and the Reach took down the five attacking ships at a deadly cost. As the burning ship began to sink Cutter placed Danger on a long boat. And explosion sent her adrift as he turned the ship to the nearest shore. Danger drifter for days until a storm washed on the shore where Captain Michael ¨Lucky¨ Adams found her and took her in.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Her skill lie mostly with blades but she does carry at least one flintlock pistol

Other: She is often dressed as a pirate but can also be seen dressed as a lady of rank.

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 32 comments Name: Jasper pearl
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ship: None Yet
Appearance: Face:  , Hair: Female Pirate Hairstyle Outfit: Womens Pirate Inspired 72 - Fashiotopia
Personality: Stubborn, clumsy, sweet,
Bio: ( work in progress)
Weapon(s) of Choice: Cutlass, Pistol, dagger
Other: Tattoo:  ,( over her left eye)

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Approved, but look under my character stuff if you want to see my ship and all

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 32 comments That's a cool ship name, is it ok if she can be part of the crew?

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Of course

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 32 comments Thanks

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Iroh | 3 comments Name: Charles Vane

Age: 27

Gender: Male



Personality:Charles is a ruthless captain and will stop at nothing to get what he and his crew desires, no matter where someone may be there's not a soul on the earth who doesn't know, respect, and fear Charles Vane.

Bio: Vane was born in the Kingdom of England, one of his first pirate ventures was under the leadership of Henry Jennings. During Jennings' attack on the salvage camp for the wrecked Spanish Treasure Fleet off the coast of Florida. Soon after Vane was commanding his own vessels unlike some other notable pirate captains of the age like Benjamin Hornigold and Samuel Bellamy, Vane was known for his cruelty, often beating, torturing and killing sailors from ships he captured.

Weapon(s) of Choice: He has at least two flint lock pistols on him

He has his sabre with him

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He´s approved

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