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message 1: by Paige, Odd Thomas for March (new)

Paige (iampaigeb) | 635 comments Mod
The 2nd Book to the Canadian Western series. I am loving this book but as a country girl myself, I laugh at the character Elizabeth on how uneducated she is about the Rockies and how she thinks she can hike anything in a full dress. It makes me laugh while she discovers the Canadian west and how different it is to her 5 star city life back in Toronto. Good read.

message 2: by Paige, Odd Thomas for March (new)

Paige (iampaigeb) | 635 comments Mod
Elizabeth is so uneducated and naive about the Canadian West. It actually makes me laugh as I grew up in a small town and love the wilderness. I think it great joy to see Elizabeths adventure North with her new Husband and experiencing and learning of all these new things. Quite a good book

message 3: by Paige, Odd Thomas for March (new)

Paige (iampaigeb) | 635 comments Mod
Amazing book! Truly is. Took a little long to get into unlike When Calls The Heart but when I got into it I could not put it down. I loved hearing the journeys and adventures of Wynn and Elizabeth. It continues to amaze me on how uneducated Elizabeth is anout the North and West of Canada. How sheltered she was from her rich city girl life. It made me laugh each time. With that, made me smile when she continued to learn to adapt and adjust quickly to her new environments. How she picked up new traditions and learned new languages. When she made new friends and had even got herself a dog. A dog she sheltered but more or less, a dog.
If you want a book that makes you cry, laugh, smile, and just feel good about yourself. When you are having a bad day. Then this is just the right book to cheer up that day and to do just all of that. Pick up When Calls The Heart and When Comes The Spring. You will not regret it. I promise.

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