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Count of Monte Cristo Q2 2019 > 5️⃣ Count of Monte Cristo- Chapter 84 through Chapter 109- Part 5 (of 6)

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J. (jammons42) | 510 comments Mod
Discuss anything from Week 9 and 10 here. This thread covers through Chapter 109. If you'd like to discuss major plot events, please click the (some html is ok) link above the comment box to learn how to add a spoiler cover to your post.

If you haven't read through Chapter 109, stop reading now to avoid spoilers

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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 1835 comments Mod
I'm up to chapter 99 now. After a long wait, everything is really coming together in expected and unexpected ways. Things are moving fast. I'm loving it.

I struggled with the audio during the middle of the book - I kept falling asleep, so I kept having to rewind to figure out what I missed. So now I'm reading the Buss translation and the kindle with an unknown translation. I'm not noticing any big differences between the different translations.

I loved the part with Albert, Mercedes and the duel! It's becoming more clear how Danglar will be ruined. I can't tell how much of his downfall will be because of the Count, or his own gambling and greed. They just arrested Andrea/Benedetto and I can't wait to figure out how his parents will be identified!

I always felt that Villefort deserves the biggest punishment, but he's getting hit from multiple angles.

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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 1835 comments Mod
I think this was the most exciting section of the book.

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