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Which guy??

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message 1: by Riri (new) - added it

Riri  S Zoey needs to pick a guy!

Eric is so sweet and he loves zoey. He forgave her for cheating on him with loren(which is a big thing, I would never forgive my bf if he cheated on me. U kno what they say, once a cheater always a cheater) I guess im sorta pissed becuz right wen she gets back with eric and they're both happy and stuff..heath comes in the picture.

Heath..he shld die. I think that p.c cast and kristen shouldn't have brought back the imprint with zoey and heath. Like come on.. Now its ganna hurt even more when they break it.

Stark..he's sexy. And he seemed like a cool guy wen he was still a regular flegding. But wen he became a red flegding I started not likeing him. But then I started likeing him at the end. He won me over. Lol.

All in all, I think that she needs to pick one guy.

Enough with the love triangle thing! First with heath, loren, and eric. Now its heath, eric, and stark! Wtf??

Marya I know right?
p.c cast and kristen r inventing sexy guy characters just 4 zoey, it's like why don't they get boyfriends for the twins????? Or her other friends that matter????

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Riri  S Exactlyyy! The twins need a man! Lmao. And its jst retarted tht they bought the love triangle thing back! It was bad wen it was heath and erik and loren...now its heath erik and stark!

Alexandra im pretty sure shaunee goes out with 1 of eriks friends remember? not sure about erin though. and stark all the way : )

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Riri  S Lol. Yeah...Im starting to like stark. Prob becuz he's like perfect for zoey..erik is too good for her.

message 6: by Keagan (new)

Keagan i say stark
i just wonder if thier going to bring back the immortal dude and neferet. I RLLY HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 7: by Riri (new) - added it

Riri  S Im pretty sure tht they are. Did u read the description for tempted. It had to do with kalona...so I dunno..

message 8: by Keagan (new)

Keagan yeah i did read it but i don't wan't him to come back

message 9: by Riri (new) - added it

Riri  S Mean either. He sorta remind s me of a rapist. Cuz he's like old..but zoey sees him as a young guy. And..its jst weird.

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Malerie Stark all the way because Eric is very possessive (which is understandable in some cases, but not this one). And I agree with Serina. They should have left Heath out of the picture.

message 11: by Riri (new) - added it

Riri  S Exactlyyy, heath is jst an annoying sub charector now. He shld die somehow. Like kalona shld kill him or something. But then zoey is ganna be all "ohmygod, its all my fault..im never ganna love anyone ever again" blah blah.

*jade* hey i think zoey should be with stark, erik should get a new girlfriend and go and heath needs to get a life or i think he should get killed by kalona and the makes zoey so mad and sad thats see kills kalona.

message 13: by Riri (new) - added it

Riri  S Yupp. Stark is perfect for her. He isn't too good for her like erik, and he's not too fcked up for her like heathh.

Kalona shld deffinitly kill him.

Marya But having a little "boy drama" should spice things up in the book don't u think?
I mean a lot of u say that Heath should go get a life or die or whatever, but isn't he adding a lot of Drama to Zoey's guy situation.
And u don't know what happens, he might be there for a reason. To help Zoey at last second when she REALLY needs blood to survive...........
--who know?

message 15: by Riri (new) - added it

Riri  S True, the boy drama does add a little more to the book. I just think that they've already done the whole love triangle thing. I liked it the first time, but now its like okay already..we kno she's fcked up, she wants every guy that breathes(except damien) lol.

Marya except Kalona too. lol

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wait when does it come out i need it NOW

message 18: by Riri (new) - added it

Riri  S October 27th. I think?

message 19: by Brey (new) - rated it 5 stars


Kalona does kill Heath and it really hurts Zoey.

Erik is to possessive and he deserves Venus cause she is just as possessive as him.

Stark would give up everything for Zoey he became her Warrior then when her soul shattered he fought Kalona to help her and he became her Guardian in the process.

All in all Stark is better for Zoey then anyone although is she was still human Heath would be best for her unless he did not snap out of his drunk state

message 20: by Elena (last edited Aug 25, 2011 02:19AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Elena Heath is a pain in the ass.
Eric, I feel like P.C. Cast kind of 'modified' is character to make it annoying, so that the choice for ZOey could be only between Stark and Heath.
But we're forgetting that Eric was, maybe still is, really in love with Zoey.
Guys, he even forgave her for having sex with Loren.
And you dare forget all that? We're just remembering his latest attitude now?
Heath, on the other hand, is just a pain in the ass.
We get he looks like a fucking PUPPY, but seriously?
The fact that Zoey recognize that he is a total idiots gets on my nerves even more. The reason why she keeps being with him? She's known him all her life, and when she tries to break up with the dumbass he makes some stupid sweet face and 'she can't leave him like that'.
I mean, what the hell.
No way I'd be with a person because he makes a scene whenever I try to dump him.
Especially when there's someone like Stark waiting for me.
And here we are.
Stark, I think, is the best out of the three, but I repeat, Eric would've been too if Cast would have sticked to his original description.
He's loyal to Zoey, even when the w***e keeps being with Eric, Heath, or him, depending on the humor and the weather I guess? -.-'
I think P.C. Cast made is character a little boring in the last books with all that 'You're my queen' crap; I mean, she never did anything for him except making out with ANOTHER guy [him] when already having menage-a-trois with Heath and Eric first.
So, let's say it: Zoey is a S*UT.
Stark is a little dull but still good.
Eric is good, if you don't count his latest behavior that, if you mind, a little justified by Zoey slutty performances in the other books.
Heath is a pain in the ass and I was so relieved when ***SPOILER*** he died, that when P.C. Cast made him come back under the form of that stupid servant of Neferet I think I was going to scream.
So, here's my opinion.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

i think that zoey sould be with is Stark cuz they have a bond more then friends and the very least they are boyfirend/girlfriend and i love Heath but Stark is a better choice for her and Erik i like him but hes plain anoying

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

im stark all the way, heath is to stupid and i dont think eric ever really forgave zeally meant zoey..... he said he did but i dont think he really meant it.... and all you guys keep forgetting about kolana and honestly if he wasnt so evil i would say "oh my god zoey dump stark be with kolana" but unforuntaly he is evil, but i think kolana will eventually become good (or at least i hope so lol)

Shafara ♥ Stark, because Heath dies and Erik is just a jerk and possessive. not only that Stark is her Warrior

message 24: by Jojo(SexybeastYo!) (last edited Dec 01, 2011 07:12AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jojo(SexybeastYo!) I think that Zoey and Eric are great together because they have a connection but then again i think that Heath has a history and would be there for her no matter what i mean look he still loves her and would be for her even when she was Marked..but Stark omg i love there relationship he is so deticated to protect her and be there for her no matter what happend betweent them...but how they met just really made me mad like come on really i wish they got more time to get to know each other really to be honest I'm not really sure What guy she should be with...I thought her and Loren would be great but then he was evil...i really dont know who i would pick

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Huntressofdarkness STARK FOREVER!!

message 27: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 06, 2012 06:08AM) (new)

I would pick Heath first but he gets killed so Starks the one i would pick to be with forever

Vanessa Stark :D

Ivana Or Stark or Erik. ♥
I don't like Heath..

Danniella Duff I was sad when Heath died but I prefer Stark

message 31: by Bai (new) - rated it 2 stars

Bai Heath was really starting to get on my nerves. And Eric's character suffered such a dramatic change, it was extremely irritating.

So far Stark seems to be the best choice, but I wonder how long that lasts..........till the Casts decide to invent another hot guy I guess. Ugh.

Fallon Farmer I think that Stark is better though i have to say that Eric was a good match but as well to possessive. I'm wondering if that will change. But Stark is her warrior her love for now.

sofia Zoey doesn't have very many good options- except for, you know, Stark. I used to have feelings for Erik, but now I do not sympathize with him anymore. Well... actually, I almost gave him a second chance. Almost.

Haley Carson STARK!!!!
erik is not very trusting,
heath is over protective,
and lorren is just awful ( i HATE him!!!!)

message 35: by Misty (new)


Marjana Stark.

Ashleigh Holmes stark

Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter I love Heath and Stark and i don't think she deserves them.

message 39: by Lena (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lena STARK ALL THE WAY. Then again, he does remind me of some of my guy buds! ^^


Tracey i choose Stark every single time! i mean, erik was nice and all at the beginning, but stuff happenes and so what! he's over and done with, and now with Heath dead, she has to let him go. Stark always has been and always will be the only choice!

Alexis Moresi STARK ALL THE WAY.<3

Allyseria Stark :)

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