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A Long Story  Short Co. (alongstoryshortco) | 79 comments Mod
Leave your final thoughts on Cinder here and what would you rate it 1-5? Remember, this is the thread where spoilers are free game so if you haven't finished, beware!

Katelyn  R. (katelynhope) | 46 comments I would give this 2.5 stars, but since that isn't an option on Goodreads I gave it 3 stars because I felt 2 was too low.

I had high hopes for this book, but it kind of let me down. First of all, it is INCREDIBLY predictable. You can tell from the very beginning that Cinder is OBVIOUSLY the missing lunar princess. They make it way too obvious way too early in the book. It is obvious every step of the way what is going to happen, even in the smallest details of the stories. There is literally no shock to the climaxes at all.

Cinder herself, I find a little boring. She could be this really badass cyborg and really be a heroin of the story, but she just melts to a puddle any time Kai is around. It is sad really that being a sci-fi novel, it doesn't try to step out of that fairy tale norm of her giving herself up for him.

I don't see the point of this story being set in Beijing. There were so many opportunities in which the culture could have been represented and it just wasn't. This story could have taken place anywhere. The only time it is even really touched on was when she described the look of the palace the first time Cinder saw it. It is such a neat culture and there were so many instances that it could have influence the story and it just wasn't used at all.

I didn't like the lack of description in this book. The author did not do well painting you a great picture of what ANY of the characters looked like. Since cyborgs and androids are not here in the realistic world, I would've liked some more background and description - especially with characters like Iko. I had know idea how to picture her. Obviously some kind robot, but it really doesn't give any idea whatsoever.

The author does not paint a very good picture of the backstory either. She barely just touches on everything and gives the reader only just enough to make the story make since, but not enough to answer any questions I had at all.
Why does society look down on cyborgs?
What is the difference in society between cyborgs and androids?
How did the Earths countries get to where they're at after the World War 4?
Since the Earth has all the same countries we have now and they allude to this taking place in our distant future, were the Lunars always there, even in the past, or did they show up at some point in between our present time and the future setting?
What brought the Lunars to where they are? What is their history?
What exactly is the plague?
We know it came from shells, but how and why?
Since Adri was Garan's wife she must of known what he was working on and should have known or at least been able to guess Cinder was one of his test subjects. I find it hard to believe she was totally oblivious.
If it was so easy for the doctor to track down Cinder's ancestry how was it so difficult for literally everyone else?
If all Lunars that aren't shells have this "glamour" why can't they overthrow the queen. They seem to all be just as powerful. The doctor had all of the same powers that she did so I am assuming all lunars do... Why would it be so hard for them to revolt?

It was so obvious that the doctor was also a lunar, why couldn't he have been used to answer literally any of these questions. This is where the predictability becomes very annoying for me. It was clear what was going to happen in every way, but couldn't the doctor had stopped all of it? He knew who Cinder was for at least two weeks, even before the queen had arrived and he had ample opportunities to inform Kai. If it was what was going to save everything, why wouldn't he just have let him know and they would have had time to formulate a plan. Yes it would have meant abandoning the Cinderella theme, but I actually think this would have made this book SO MUCH BETTER.

The way it is written now, I could have read ANY Cinderella story and gotten the same thing. There was no surprise, there was no crazy twists, it literally just ends. It tries to end in a cliff hanger leading into the next book, but it left me with no desire to even keep going because it is so obvious how it will play out.

I am not typically a sci-fi fan, so it's weird for me to say, but I think the author should have focused a little more on the sci-fi genre than on the Cinderella story line. I love fairy tale themes, but this one was just too literal and it made the characters a little boring. It made prince charming just eh and their "romance" was a little underwhelming.

The saving grace for me was Iko. She had a great personality and gave a little bit more depth to the story. I think it was necessary for the story line that she "die" to further Cinder's growth, but it was totally just glossed over. I think she deserved a way better death scene with something that really tugged at the reader's heart strings. It was disappointing that you never even really know what happened you just get a small paragraph of the aftermath. You get way more detail of Peony's death which I don't feel served as much purpose.

Overall, it was not the worst book I have read. I felt it was predictable, underwhelming, and just mediocre. For me I didn't even feel like that much happened until Chapter 21 when the Lunars showed up, which is over half of the book. It was way too much slow build up for an ok climax. There are several more books in the series to conclude the story, but for me, the first book didn't give me enough reason to really believe that I can't predict how it will go and therefore I don't have the urge to rush and read more to see what happens next.

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