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David Gooch | 3957 comments Mod
Winterman by Alex Walters

"DI Ivan Winterman is a man with a troubled past. The Blitz has left his young son dead and his wife seriously injured. He has made enemies in high places and, with his career going nowhere, he returns to his home town in East Anglia, seeking to rebuild his life in a country gripped by post-war austerity and the coldest winter on record.

As the first snow begins to fall, a drunken ex-clergyman stumbles on the semi-mummified body of a small child concealed in a ruined cottage. Days later, a second similar child's body is found in a Fenland dyke. Both bodies have been dead for several years, preserved in the Fens, the cause of death unknown.

Winterman, supported by a small team of assorted misfits, finds himself leading the investigation, uncovering a web of connections and secrets in the small rural community. When a further murder victim is discovered, Winterman discovers that the secrets are darker and the threat far more immediate than he'd ever envisaged.

And, as the snow finally begins to thaw over the Fens, Winterman realises that his worst nightmares are about to come true…"

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Erunyauve | 168 comments I started this Thursday (or Friday?). Anyway, be forewarned that, at least early in the book, each chapter comes from a different character's point of view. It's not always clear, and we don't yet know enough about the characters to understand what they're thinking.

Otherwise, I like the writing style - to some extent, the jumble of viewpoints and characters not yet properly introduced gives us a sense of Winterman's outsider status in his home town. (There is a brilliant exchange with the police who take the report of one of the bodies - straight-up comedy, really. Because everyone knows who 'our Mary' is.)

David Gooch | 3957 comments Mod
Ok Alex Walters has a web page so you can find out about the author and his books.

and he is on facebook as well;

David Gooch | 3957 comments Mod
I have just downloaded my copy. If you have Kindle Prime, like me, then you can borrow this from the Kindle Lending Library for free.

Mary C | 173 comments It seems that might be a UK benefit. In the US it is free if you have Kindle unlimited (I do not). It was only $2.99 to buy on Kindle so well within our value guidelines.

Beth Stewart | 547 comments Mary. I have kindle-free thing and use it all the time! It is a lending library setup, though, so once you’ve read 10 you have to clear one to “buy for free” another one

message 7: by David (last edited Apr 03, 2019 08:46AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

David Gooch | 3957 comments Mod
I am not sure if it is UK only as we have kindle unlimited and the lending library.
Kindle Unlimited costs £7.99 a month and for me the selection of books available doesn't make it worth it in my opinion.
Kindle Lending Library is something you get as a Prime member certainly in the Uk and it lets you borrow a new free book every month so twelve a year. You have to return one to then borrow another.

Beth Stewart | 547 comments Yes my kindle free thing is associated with Prime. I use it at lot

Mary C | 173 comments I have Prime and use the Kindle Lending Library. I checked and don't think this is in the one in the US, but it is a moot point as I have purchased it already.

I have not used the Kindle unlimited beyond the 30 day free trial. Didn't find much at the time to interest me, at least not for the fee, kind of like you, David.

message 10: by Beth (new) - rated it 2 stars

Beth Stewart | 547 comments I am 45 min to get to a library so for me the electronic books work well. The odd time I will buy one as well

Erunyauve | 168 comments I got my copy through US Kindle Unlimited, so it's available (or was - sometimes it changes, like it did last month with the value book).

When I signed up, I wasn't sure that I'd use it enough (I think there is or was a small fee), but since I'm always needing to return a book to borrow another, I guess I'm using it. (It might be free with my Prime, now.)

David Gooch | 3957 comments Mod
Right I am over three-quarters through this and so far, for me, it has been an enjoyable read. I like the authors style and it has been a good story so far.

message 13: by Beth (new) - rated it 2 stars

Beth Stewart | 547 comments Starting today on the plane!!

message 14: by Beth (new) - rated it 2 stars

Beth Stewart | 547 comments Well. What to say. This was an odd book. I did enjoy it but felt it bogged down midway and even on finishing I am not sure what the solution to the child murders was

David Gooch | 3957 comments Mod
I thought this was a good book myself. well written and while not fast paced moves along nicely and the characters were good as well as the description of the village/town and the era.
The mystery develops and the reason for the kids death's is rushed at the end for me and that could have been done better and expanded on, hence only 4 starts from me.

My review is at:-

Erunyauve | 168 comments Yes, I really wish the author had devoted more time to the ending, rather than deliver it all in a final confession.

message 17: by Beth (new) - rated it 2 stars

Beth Stewart | 547 comments I agree Erunyauve. I felt as thought the counter was at 50% for ages and ages As the story plodded on. And then by the end of the book suddenly everything was happening.

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