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message 1: by Dalton (new)

Dalton Cortner (daltoncortner) | 2 comments Hello,

Bit of a unique request here. I wrote and published my sci-fi novel The Athena Operation in 2016. Recently the sequel has been completed. I'd like to find a beta reader for the sequel.

As the sequel, it's about 98k words so it is significalty bigger.

What I'm mainly looking for is some feedback about plot points, flow, and sentence structure. Also if you happen to notice any typos or anything, that'd be appreciated.

The uniqueness is going to come from the fact that it's pretty much required to read the original book as I'd want the beta to be familiar with the world, characters, etc. It's free on KU to read.

So, if you can PM me a quote including any cost you would charge to read the first story and then beta the sequel, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for 1-2 people. Thanks, folks!

message 2: by Cimone (new)

Cimone Watson | 94 comments Hi, Dalton. If you're still looking for a beta reader, I'm interested. I can't see a place to PM you on your page. I'm willing to do a sample read of the first 2k words of the first book for free. I would charge you $1 per 1k words for the sequel and $0.40 per 1k words for the first book. If you are interested, please PM me here or email me at

message 3: by Morgan (last edited Apr 22, 2019 08:34AM) (new)

Morgan Lee | 28 comments Hello Dalton! If you are still looking I'd be interested as well. You can send me an email at I cannot send you a personal message here on good reads. I offer a sample edit of the first 5 pages of you manuscript. My rates for beta reading is a flat rate of 300 dollars. I give in line edits and a full 20+ page detailed report. I also offer a free mock cover design with every editing package.

message 4: by TKSelbach13 (last edited Jul 29, 2019 09:41PM) (new)

TKSelbach13 | 90 comments I have been working as an independent freelance editor for about 8 years. My clients have been very pleased with my work thus far and would certainly be happy to provide recommendations if needed.

I recently achieved my bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, as well as accomplished a Study Abroad program with a focus in writing. I can provide a high attention to detail, the ability to think outside of the box, and an enthusiastic attitude that clients will find quite appealing.

Certifications: Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing
Experience: 8 years of Beta Reading, 2 years of commission work
Rates: $0.05 per word.
Turnaround: 1-3 months

$5 – 100 words
$50 – 1,000 words
$500 – 10,000 words
$5000 – 100,000 words

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