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Idit | 1028 comments Earthly Powers By Anthony Burgess
this edition (hard cover) - 649p

this was SUCH a tedious book!
It had moments of humor, and parts that I thoroughly enjoyed but on the whole - yawn!!

and I can't even tell you if it shows it age or if he was trying to sound like an older book. And I really don't know what he wanted!

It's the story of a gay english author, Kenneth Toomey, in his 82 birthday. but also of his deceased brother in law (once removed) Don Carlo - who was a Pope, and the church wants to make him into a saint, and what a better way than get someone who is not religious (so unbiased) to give evidence to his miracle.
This is the premise of the book. From there we go back in time and follow those two, their friends, foes and relatives and 20th century history (with fictional additions).
what else - lots of preaching, lots of pompousness, lots of unnecessary details. Some of it to delight the author and more erudite readers than myself. Some to prove a point, but it really espcase me. So is this book argues that there's no such thing as satan? that doing something good can cause harm? the opposite?

Not sure.
There are other themes such as fatherhood, love & last, there are some comical characters.
It's a weird book. 2-3 stars. I'm still deciding

message 2: by Meli (new)

Meli (melihooker) | 3036 comments I love a good "don't know how I rate this" review!

This does not sound like something I would enjoy, and luckily it was never on the tbr anyway.

Thanks for sharing :)

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