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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Harvey (steveharvey) | 3 comments I'm seeking Beta Readers for the first act (25,000 words) of my debut novel BIG TIDDY BEER, an Adult Comedy featuring craft beer, CrossFit & fundraising.

BIG TIDDY BEER is the account of L.T.’s first week having his parents as next door neighbors. The work carries a comedic, man-not-ready-to-become-a-father tone inspired by Everybody Loves Raymond and Old School.

L.T. hopes to one day run his dad’s brewery, despite never mentioning it to his neighborhood friends. They don’t even know the guy on the Big Tiddy Beer labels is L.T.’s father. Until L.T.’s parents suddenly move in next door, surprising L.T. and his pregnant wife with their news of selling the Big Tiddy Beer brewery.

Previously, L.T.’s focus had been getting to know his craft-beer-loving neighbors. Sure, they cause his beer-drinking to spike during the evenings. But they make up for it by getting him out of bed early each morning for CrossFit workouts. Their budding relationship is an entertaining distraction from his pending fatherhood—which L.T. is not quite ready for.

L.T. recalls how comfortable adult life had been, living far from the large shadow cast by his oversized father’s big personality. Big Tiddy living right next door, easily forming relationships with his neighborhood friends, puts L.T. on edge. Once Big Tiddy begins joining them for their morning workouts, L.T. feels his territory shrinking.

Quickly coming to grips with his life’s swiftly changing dynamics, L.T. decides he must hatch a plan. Otherwise, the demands of his pending fatherhood and Big Tiddy’s encroaching shadow might change L.T.’s identity and his opportunity to take over the family business will vanish.

If this story interests you, please reach out to me via DM or email (

message 2: by Lioness7 (new)

Lioness7 | 7 comments Hello Steve,

I just sent you an email with all my information.


message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Harvey (steveharvey) | 3 comments Thank you, Jenny.

message 4: by Shawn (new)

Shawn | 27 comments Sounds fun. Email me,

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