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My Creative Cottage (ladyinbluescrubs) | 3 comments Hello everyone,
I have been reading the series by Michael Robotham and as I am in Germany I have noticed, our order is a different one to the Aussie one, with Shatter being number 3 in Australia and number 4 (Dein Wille Geschehe) in Germany.
So I have been wondering what the real order as the German series contains 10 books and the Australian one seems to have only 9?

message 2: by Hallie, I'm all about the books (new)

Hallie (inkyhallie) | 5469 comments Mod
Hey Monika! I hope you're enjoying your read :)
I looked up both the versions on Goodreads, and Dein Wille geschehe is listed as the third book in the series exactly like the Australian order. What is the third book then if it's not Shatter? This is a bit strange.

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My Creative Cottage (ladyinbluescrubs) | 3 comments Hi Hallie, thanks for the reply. Yes, I've swallowed 4 of them within the last 10 days...
Here is the order I found on the German version of lovelybooks:
Band 1: Adrenalin. (383) Ersterscheinung: 12.07.2005. ...
Band 2: Amnesie. (289) Ersterscheinung: 20.08.2006. ...
Band 3: Todeskampf. (143) ...
Band 4: Dein Wille geschehe. (502) ...
Band 5: Der Insider. (115) ...
Band 5: Todeswunsch. (240) ...
Band 7: Bis du stirbst. (95) ...
Band 8: Sag, es tut dir leid. (316)
and then Erlöse mich and the Schlafmacher as well as the last one from 2018. I assume they failed to label the standalones as such as I think that "Todeskampf" (The Night Ferry), listed as number 3, isn't a part of the series at all.

It might be the case - the Germans have filmed the series (a very good version!) and placed it in Hamburg (but the synopsis of the books was left untouched) and this "Night Ferry" is also not a part of the film series either.

message 4: by Hallie, I'm all about the books (new)

Hallie (inkyhallie) | 5469 comments Mod
That's what I thought. Yes, The Night Ferry is not actually part of the series but rather a stand alone. *acts like I wrote and published the books* Anyway, looks like your doubt has been clarified :) Enjoy!

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