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Analysis of Characterization

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Darbi S1 Quentin and Margo are next door neighbors who have known each other ever since they were little, the first time Quentin saw Margo he fell in love and
has always had a crush on her. The two separated as they got older and stopped hanging out. One night Margo climbed up to Quentin’s bedroom window and insisted on Quentin joining her on her little adventure. While on this adventure Quentin learned a lot more about her and began to actually
love her. The next day Margo disappeared,he had found clues and convinced himself they were for him, and soon began his own adventure.
Quentin is dynamic because at the beginning of the book he is uptight and doesn’t want to do anything bad and then throughout the story he loosened up and does the things with margo that she had planned and at the end he does something spontaneous and goes on his own adventure to find margo. The theme in this story is that people will come into your life and can affect the way you look at things and help change yourself for better or for worse. The point of view is first person because it’s shown from Quentin’s (the main character’s) point of view. This pov. reflects the authors purpose in a way that shows how people in your life can change you as a person and make you look at life differently, this was a good narrative choice. It affected the characterization because it showed Quentin’s personality change from his view.

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