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message 1: by Jo, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Jo (jo_9) | 373 comments Mod
Please help us welcome Lujain, Veronica and Jon, three awesome new moderators to the OSS team. We’re looking forward to their contributions to help inspire dynamic and diverse conversations around intersectional feminism.


message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Thank you so much for your help as Moderators on OSS!

message 3: by Cyn (new)

Cyn | 80 comments Welcome to them and congratulations!!! :D

message 4: by Vern, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Vern Francis (books_baking_brews) | 19 comments Mod
Thank you, and I cannot wait to talk with everyone!

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 15, 2019 10:27AM) (new)

Good luck. Personnaly, I'm leaving for a while. OSS is not what I look for anymore.
I thought I would find people who wants to share, who want to inspire each other, a lot of people but I was wrong, people are mainly here for something else. They aren't here for inspiration but for illusions and I cannot watch that anymore.

I found a couple of persons but as the time passed I saw the amount of members increasing without any resulting participation.
OSS is not living, OSS is trying to breath and to survive. I hoped for a spark of activity just a spark and in last November I was told new things would come, I was told a post with OSS values and believes was coming, I was asked to trust. So because I believed I stayed. It has been 3 months and I feel band-aids are used rather than solutions. If Goodreads is not suitable for discussions because people cannot navigate correctly how three new moderators would help? I fail to see how... I am sorry.

I was asking too much I suppose, expecting too much. I wanted more than book suggestion, I was seeking for changes, I wanted blooming discussions. Intense thought sharings! But it is not happening because people are waiting and inactive except when Watson shows up. She is not goddess or anything she is a human like everyone and most people here (or on social media) have created illusions around that. I do not like illusions, to me it is a sweet poison used by system such as patriarchy. No thank you. I fail to see why people follow famous people, why people joined OSS hoping they would be noticed.

Team OSS gives but is not visible and does not get anything in return. It is admirable to see the investment of some moderators. Thank you to them a lot but they cannot do much.

OSS is not living, OSS is surviving and unless people realize they need to be involved OSS will always be inactive. More than 200 000 members and not active as it should be.

I feel shackles, I feel caged here. Time to do a break for a while.

I wish you good luck.

"Little on the nose there." Just learned that yesterday

My apologies if I hurt anyone, I had to write my rant and what I felt that time not in private.

Do not expect answers from me in OSS or in private message. The reason being by sharing my thoughts I know I will disappoint, I know I may hurt and it hurts me too. Somehow I feel ashamed and scared to voice what I feel, somehow I feel I am wrong. Maybe I sacrifice the opinion some people here had about me, but what's the point of being silent when we have a voice. What's the point of not sharing what we feel (hopefully with tact and kindness) when we have emotions. What's the point of having power if it's not to sacrifice it in favour of causes we believe in. Are people's opinion who are not around us for what we believe in, for our self and personnality matter? Aren't they shackles? Are we afraid to loose everything we have because we voice what we think? What's the most important.

With kindness, farewell.

message 6: by James (new)

James Corprew Florian wrote: "Good luck. Personnaly, I'm leaving for a while. OSS is not what I look for anymore.
I thought I would find people who wants to share, who want to inspire each other, a lot of people but I was wron..."

I wish you the best of luck but i will only point out that perhaps the drop in participation in OSS has to do with those who are actually out there trying to make a difference in person rather than online? Just a thought. Either way, best of luck to you.

message 7: by Helen (new)

Helen (helen2u) | 305 comments James wrote: "Florian wrote: "Good luck. Personnaly, I'm leaving for a while. OSS is not what I look for anymore.
I thought I would find people who wants to share, who want to inspire each other, a lot of peopl..."

Yeah, I'm busy living my life and I have my own reading list for this year without losing touch with what happens with/on O.s.s. and so is everybody else.

message 8: by Lujain, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Lujain Mahmoud (lujain_mahmoud) | 6 comments Mod
Thank you so much! I honestly can't wait for all the amazing discussions we'll have :)

Agnes Szalkowska | 386 comments Welcome and yes I hope we will have some nice discussion.

message 10: by Ana, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Ana PF | 746 comments Mod
Hello and welcome, Lujain, Jon and Veronica!

I for one applaud that we are getting new mods in our team - looking forward to their contributions and perspectives!

As for myself, I know that reconnecting to the forum is one of my resolutions for 2019. Life is busy and crazy and sometimes it forces you to vary your focus on things depending on the season you are. That has most definitely been my own case, for which I would like to apologise. However, the reasons why I joined OSS and its mod team remain unchanged, and so I am hoping to be truly back. And, I'm glad to see people still around, in whichever capacity they generously offer to be. :)

message 11: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Carter (wanderwithjon) | 13 comments Thank you so much for your kind welcome everyone!

I would love to learn more about this community. I am only human. I am not perfect and I know for a fact that I do have plenty to learn and I am willing to grow with all of you! I hope we'll help each other in our personal growth in developing a more open mindset when it comes to specific issues that this community is involved with. Currently, I am actively looking for a job and I do have my life to attend to, but I will assure you that I will do my utmost best to contribute to the group. I hope I will not disappoint. All the love! <3

message 12: by Katelyn, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Katelyn (katelynrh) | 836 comments Mod
Welcome welcome to the newest members of our team! I'm so looking forward to getting to know you all.

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