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Uninterested in a book!
Kate Kate Jan 25, 2019 02:34PM
Ok so I need some advice on what to do! I am currently reading a book that is not in my typical genre and it seems like it could be interesting but I started reading it the day after Christmas and I'm only on the 6th chapter. My aunt gave it to me so I feel bad BUT I just am not really interested in finishing it. Someone tell me what to do or what they do when they get like this.

1) why is this posted under Turtles all the Way Down?

2) In answer to your question, try listening to it as an audiobook on your commute or while cleaning. It might make it easier to get through.

Or just tough it out. Commit to reading something simple like 5 or so pages a day. You'll get through it eventually.

Or don't finish the book. Just go on goodreads, and read all the reviews with spoilers so you know what it's about, and pretend to your aunt that you read it. You can pick a review and make that your opinion on the book you didn't read. So if someone said they loved it and gave a bunch of reasons why, pretend that's your opinion too and just say whatever they said in their review.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Hey Kate. That is the worst feeling especially for a book lover. I was so excited to read a sequel of a series but it was so bad. I went on to Goodreads and saw spoiler. It made me want to keep reading, even though it was like ripping teeth out, it gave me closer cause I got the whole story

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