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Lisa Mac I agree w/ David, some of this seems so over-the-top that I wonder if he uses creative license w/ his history to make a point. All of it to me is believable, given what I have learned from families in Latin America about US greed & $$ interests destroying their countries over the last 50 years. Just not sure Mr Perkins actually was the actor involved.

Mohammed AbdelFattah A useful book, where valuable information must be known, we must know conspiracies plotted against us, but I warn readers from settling in their minds that America controls everything and we are dolls in her hands, no, God is over all, and the evidence is the ARAB SPRING.

Esther Bradley-detally I note no appology or humility with this man; no coming to account. I feel he's a marketeer and now markets remote viewing, and what he did in the past was a brush of his hands, and an "oh well" that done, now this. I have zilch respect for this person.

Esraa Muhammed why not... u speak as if these informations are new, no wake up some of these informations I saw before in a documetary movie called petrol and blood

Mahmoud Shehata Esther wrote: "I note no appology or humility with this man; no coming to account. I feel he's a marketeer and now markets remote viewing, and what he did in the past was a brush of his hands, and an "oh well" t..."
i totally agree with you.. the whole book he discusses everything explaining how guilty he felt.
which was really irritating to me, I mean c'mon you're an EHM !!!

Geoffrey If anything, he underestimates the amount of skulduggery committed.

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Rachael L. I read the book and I really enjoyed it because I worked for a defense contractor many years after this guy was marching around. I totally understand his feelings of remorse for doing what he did. And I don't doubt much of if.

HOWEVER with that said, I think he is a weeny. The part where he is having a tantrum on his boat, throwing a bottle of beer in disgust, is just ridiculous. What type of person does that and then goes back to work that he thinks is so despicable?

FURTHERMORE his next book - well I just threw it out when he got into trying to explain monetary policy. From his explanation, I suspect that he is still fully ingrained within the mindset of the folks that he purports to be opposed to in Confessions.

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Michael T He is a self confessed liar, and you must take that into consideration. In a way it makes the book even more interesting.

Esther Bradley-detally Rachael; where izz you wonderful lady; miss you

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Brian Lopez This book must be exaggeration. That said, while it seemed like crazed conspiracy in the mid 2000s when I first heard of it, re reading it now post Great Recession....I'm not so sure this book isn't far off from reality.

I think that he is describing the reality of the world, but doing so in dramatized, over the top and sexy fashion, of course helping himself in the process. I doubt there are literal EHMs and he probably had nothing to do with the world he describes, but it may not an inaccurate picture.

Keep in mind, there were investment companies bidding up food prices, literally killing people in the process, just for their profit. The US and Europe bailed out their major banks with basically no strings attached, and the "Greek Bailouts" we keep hearing about are really creditor bailouts. Look it up, there are legitimate sources and big names saying this stuff. Countries are being forced to choke their economies, and well being, to pay off creditors, govs keep tossing them bailouts to make sure they can keep doing it. Being a student of economics, I know what QE really is: Basically swapping bad private debt for safe gov debt. That's literally what's been happening. It's a massive bailout and prop up. Given all this, that has actually happened, is this story so unbelievable?

Joe Stiglitz a nobel prize winning economist has made similar statements about intl institutions, and given government actions all over the world, and all the dirty secrets that seem to be coming out...while this book may be dramatized for his gain, and makes himself a star, it may not be total clap trap. The intl banking/gov cabal, plutocracy, inequality...these things seem very real now in 2015

Derek Exaggerated or not, the problems described in this book, with the US and global banking/resource control is very real.

Esther Bradley-detally Thanks for further insights

Elite Services This book is not exaggeration, in fact, it's probably toned down for readers, because truth in this business is unbelievable. I'm the author of Splitting Pennies and I've been in the business of high finance for 15 years and I can tell you that people would be shocked to learn what goes on behind closed doors. Sometimes this comes out in public when there are lawsuits, for example google 'forex settlements' and you'll see how FX dealers joked about how they would 'pulverize' clients by manipulating the price. The big banks have paid tens of billions to settle these cases; the point being that Economic Hit Man is a real account - it's not fiction!

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Elliard Shimaala Some of the chapters did read like a James Bond movie but I think there's more fact than exaggeration to this book.

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Alyssa :) Esther wrote: "I note no appology or humility with this man; no coming to account. I feel he's a marketeer and now markets remote viewing, and what he did in the past was a brush of his hands, and an "oh well" th..."

I agree. His book was pretty revealing but there were times where it kind of felt like he was using this book as an "apology" or by publishing this book he felt like he was on the road toward redemption. His weird little back story about not being involved with women for awhile was weird too. He was like "Man my parents want me to be something I'm not and I'm a virgin damn, I will now ruin Ecuador forever"

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