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Heres a place where people can get to know the Mods. You can put as much or as little information as you want.

NickName:: StrawBerrii
Name:: Paige Wood

Favorites:: Purple, Fruit, Music, My iPod, Dancing, Writing, Reading, Books, Poetry, School, Movies, Cedar Point, Concerts, Roller Coasters, Cruises, Vacations, Family, Friends.

DisLikes:: Nothing really.... :P

Other TidBits:: I am BiSexual so.... yeah. Um... I have a saint bernarde named Zeus :P

WebSites:: ||

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) Omg okay. haha. ;)

EvangelineRose Sarah Marie Starchman!
(my mom has a thing for long names.)

I play lacrosse, figure skate, run, rockclimb, and dance. (: I'm gonna be a freshmen! And I'm mostly excited for the hot guys and the parties. Sad huh? ;) I love all my friends, including you guys! ♥ Awe. I don't really have a style. I shop everyone from Hollister to Hot Topic. My favorite color is red and then black. And cream puffs are really good. My favorite band is Muse! I am obsessed with them! I have all their songs(even live)and a t-shirt and I already pre-ordered their new album!

Dislikes: wannabees, Twilight, the heat(sadly), desperate guys, annoying people.

Other tidbits!! I'm a tad conceited. (: Well more than a tad. But at least I admit it. haha. and I can definitely be a bitch when necessary. just fyi...


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uh... I need a nap after reading Eve's name.... V.V

Full Name
Madison Faeth Billings

neko, ninja, reaper, cottonball, madi, mei-chan, faeth

Movies - Marley&Me, Rent, Phantom of the Operah, Death Note (live-action japanese! ^.^), The Spiderwick Chronicles, BOTH Transformers, ALL Final Destinations (can't wait till new one! ^.^), Halloween

Books - The Faerie Path (Faerie Path, #1) by Frewin Jones The Lost Queen The Sorcerer King The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires The Spook's Mistake

Mangas - Shugo Chara! 1 Elfen Lied Vol 1 InuYasha, Volume 1 D.N.Angel

Foods - Red/Yellow Peppers, Bocca-Burgers, Bocca Chili-Mac, Brownie Pudding, celery, cheetos, sugar crack (heheh :D sugar rush!)

Least Favorites
Movies - Twilight, Slumdog Millionare, Prom Night, Desperation, War Dogs

Books - [image error] If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? I Know What You Did Last Summer Generation Dead How to Ditch Your Fairy

Mangas - anything american made, i.e: Nancy Drew mangas

Foods - meat of any kind, spiced tea

Diagnosis: what I'm told
Friends - insane, OCD

Sisters - insane, lazy

Doctors - clinically depressed, social phobia, OMA, ADD, Bi-polar

OMA Defenition

Hey guys, if you're going to be reading all of this stuff/read all of this stuff I put on three cheers for you because I probably wouldn't read all of it... ANYWHO... you may have wondered what I was talking about when I said "OMA", don't worry, it's really rare so not a lot of people have it. Well... *clears throat and has buisness like voice* according to "mondofacto dictionary", OMA is: A congenital inability to initiate horizontal saccades. Children with this condition often use head thrusts to move their eyes to the left and right. *sticks out tongue and starts talking normal again* To explain the "head thrusts" what I do is I have to move my head to the left and right to read... just to dumb down that definition; if you have any other questions concerning the matter please feel free to ask me.

Websites you can add/find me

Facebook -

Myspace (I JUST made it, incase you're wondering why I have no friends) -

DeviantArt -

MyYearbook -

Project Playlist -

Gaia -

Youtube -

yahoo -

hotmail -

Dogs - Sasha-baby
[image error]

Cats - CG (Curious George)

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whew... I need a nap after all that...

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) Eew I hate Twilight.

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....OMG you have a Gaia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS... your such and over acheiver lol

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Oh, cute dog >.< I have a saint bernarde

message 8: by evangeline (new)

evangeline (EvangelineRose) I dont have any dogs. :(

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I have a dog and fishies :P

message 10: by evangeline (new)

evangeline (EvangelineRose) Fishies. O<

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thanks Paige, I'm an overachiever?

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) Ooh! My boyfriend fights. (:

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nice =D

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~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) *GASP* SASHA WAS ON PHOTOBUCKET!!!!! Ooooh!!! Grrr lolZ

Um..well I have a dog, cat, hamster, sugarglider, and some fish, and I feel as If I am repeating things.

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I want a frickin sugarglider! KAWAII!!!

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) hahaha lolZ there awsome

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I stole Liz's yearbook and saw you. Cutie!

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) GAH My pick sucks my hair like...GAH it needs to stay where I put it after I brush it!

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Lol that's what happens when you don't have Madi magical hair.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) *glares* psh yeah well...wel....

*narator comes on* We interupt this program as to the fact our writers cannot come up with good come backs!

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well obviously the writers are dumb! -smacks narrator-

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) -_- I am the writer!!!

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Well duh, that'd fit the profile of "dumb".

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) GRRRR I know where you live!!!

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Come and get me then AJ :D I'll be here all month, but then in July I'm leaving and hopefully September I'm moving out :D

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Not sure -.-

When you get your GED you can't even APPLY for colleges until you pass the test because apparently the fail percentage is really high.. so I'm going to bet... not going to college till January even, but I'm moving out with my bf when HE goes to college like normal (cause he's just special enough to graduate like normal) when he goes to community college in Kansas City. I'm going to share an apartment with him (hopefully). SHH. lol. :D

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) hahah I sse why you said shh... OOOH SHA LA!!! I predict moaning in your future!

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-.- shut up aj. we don't have that kind of relationship. he knows what happened in my past and knows I don't like that kind of thing. he doesn't either. we both are on the same page when it comes to THAT.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) ok I hope you know I have no clue what your talking about now..

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) oh...I now its awkward, but that makes since now.

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Yeah, it does... and I'm deleting comment now..

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) I miss benjamin...

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