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I wrote Why Hasn't He Called?

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because I spent waaay too many years asking all my friends this question after a guy took my number and never bothered to call back! I hope it helps other women realize that they are NOT to blame when a guy doesn't call!

Why Hasn't He Called?

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Hi Tamsen, welcome to the group.

I recall some years ago when I served in the Royal Marines. A girl came upto me in "Boots Chemist" shop in Plymouth and said:

"Hello Steven, I thought you said you were going to contact me and arrange a night out together."

She was very pretty and intially caught me off guard. I tried hard to wrack my brains to remember where I knew her from. However, I think from the smile on her face she knew I must have had a little too much to drink when I'd met her previously and was unsure.

"Hello." I smiled amiably, trying to look like I remembered our previous encounter.

"You can't remember me, can you?" She smiled.

"Yes, yes of course I can." I responded." "How could I forget a beautiful woman like you."

"Why didn't you call?" She continued.

I smiled again, feeling I had the answer. "I'm very sorry but I'm afraid I mislaid your telehone number."

"I didn't give you my number." She answered confidently!!

I blushed slightly, feeling like I'd just been shot down in flames and also feeling a little embarrased as we parted company with a mutually warm smile!!



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