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message 1: by K. (new)

K. Bromberg (kbromberg) | 29 comments Mod
2018 is winding down, how many books did you read this year?

E-Reader Addict (ereaderaddict) | 14 comments I’m at 154, almost finished with 155. But there’s still 11 days left and I’m on vacation starting at 4PM today, so I figure I ought to be able to knock out 6 or 8 more!

message 3: by Roopali (new)

Roopali (roopsri) | 40 comments 75 down... Hope i complete 80 till end of the year 😁😁

message 4: by Katie (new)

Katie | 17 comments 68 books. I plan on reaching 70 by the end of the month.

message 5: by Cristina (last edited Dec 19, 2018 01:23AM) (new)

Cristina (cristinakriss) Aim 60. Read 86. Hopefully to achieve 90 😊. This year I became a more passive reader 😔. Wish I had more time

Mamacita aka MawMaw  (mamawantsbedtimestory) | 9 comments 98... But will make 100+

message 7: by myra (new)

myra 54. Will try to read one or two more

message 8: by Becca (new)

Becca Stanfield Vernon | 13 comments I’m at 293 of my goal of 310. Might not make it.

message 9: by Dessa (new)

Dessa (dessashewolf) | 2 comments I'm currently at 664, my original goal was 400 but I keep changing it, so I don't have a goal right now, I'll just see how many I can get till the end of the year!

message 10: by Rochelle (new)

Rochelle | 90 comments I had a goal of 100 and I am at 219 and I still have 2 weeks to go.

message 11: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Ross (sweetheartreads) | 10 comments My goal was 100 and I read 121

Nadine Bookaholic (nadinesobsessedwithbooks) | 29 comments I've hit my goal of 200 books but actually read 250 and I will probably finish a couple of more before the year is over

message 13: by Michelle (last edited Dec 19, 2018 06:06AM) (new)

Michelle | 5 comments My goal was 100, I'm at 134, but have read many more as I forget to come and update my challenge! I've probably read over 200. I've run out of books I want to read, and will probably go back and read Outlander series again!

message 14: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Fosca Stahl (claudiafoscastahl) | 32 comments My goal was 120 and I have read 215.

Ryan - Sweet Red Reader  (sweetredreader) | 5 comments 558... and still going!

message 16: by Sasha (new)

Sasha | 27 comments My goal was 140, I have just started book 148.

message 17: by Sunseeker☀️ (new)

Sunseeker☀️ (sunseeker) My goal was 200 and have read 260 so far.

message 18: by Amberb03 (new)

Amberb03 | 41 comments My goal was 104 and I read 164!!!

message 19: by CARISSA (new)

CARISSA E (bookaholic44) | 13 comments 212

message 20: by Alex (new)

Alex Allwright | 7 comments 165 and still counting 😂

message 21: by Monique (new)

Monique V | 32 comments I slacked so hard this year!! I went from reading almost 300 to 80 😢. I am so disappointed on my self! I fo hope to read 100 by the end at least

message 22: by Brennie (new)

Brennie | 19 comments So far 257

message 23: by Nova (new)

Nova (cookiemunchkin) | 40 comments I’ve managed to beat my goal I set of 300 and managed to read 404 so far but there’s time for more yet lol xox

message 24: by NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} (last edited Dec 19, 2018 11:03PM) (new)

NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} (nicoletae) | 21 comments Unfortunately the last three years, since I was pregnant in my son, I'm not so active in reading as I was before...
But hey, this year I'm so proud of myself because even with my little monster around (nope, actually my most precious treasure! Haha...), I've managed to reach my goal of 75 and I have finished already 83 and I'm still going.... Yeahhhhh....

message 25: by Lily (new)

Lily | 4 comments My goal was 200 but I’ve read 205 and I’m still going!

message 26: by Sherry (new)

Sherry | 26 comments My goal was 250 and I am at 292, trying to reach 300 before end of year.

message 27: by Amy (new)

Amy (bookluvin) | 41 comments My goal was 150 ( I have to work and sleep and parent at some point). I am at 193, but the year's not over yet... :)

message 28: by Radd Reader (new)

Radd Reader My goal was 100. I'm at 159.

message 29: by Noreen (new)

Noreen | 1 comments I had 100

message 30: by Ashima (new)

Ashima (ashbookreader) | 10 comments I had a goal of reading 200. Have currently read 207.

❤️ Paulette's  Alphas Review (loka66) I had a goal of reading 75. Have currently read 106 & of course I have a book in hand

message 32: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Poirier (victoriapoirier) | 9 comments I had a goal of 150 and I am happy to say I’m at 177!!

❤️ Paulette's  Alphas Review (loka66) Victoria wrote: "I had a goal of 150 and I am happy to say I’m at 177!!"


message 34: by Ama- (new)

Ama- | 19 comments My goal was 70, but I've finished 83. Hoping to finish 84.

message 35: by Karry (new)

Karry | 13 comments Wow!! I can’t believe how many books some of you read! It’s like a book a day. Very impressive!! I set my goal at 50 and I’ve made it to 102 currently. I should be able to finish like 2 more before New Years. I’m very proud of myself. Last year was a struggle to hit 75. I think this year I’ve been introduced to a few more authors I really like, Jade West begins one of them. Is there such a thing as “binge reading”?

message 36: by Renee (new)

Renee | 1 comments Last year I pledged to read 60, but only read 48. This year I set the same goal of 60, but passed that and reset it to 90, but I was able to read 95! I do have 4 kids (ages 3-9) that make it more difficult to accomplish reading.

message 37: by Erica (new)

Erica (honeybees) | 3 comments I pledged to read 100 books this year and have read 435. It does help I have the summers off from work and my children are no longer at an age where they require my full attention.

Steph's Romance Book Talk (stephsromancebooktalk) | 17 comments My goal was 156 and to date I have surpassed it at 346 and counting.

message 39: by Megan (new)

Megan Joiner | 1 comments My original goal was to read 60 books but I have now read 84! Should finish a couple more before the end of the year.

message 40: by Chantale (new)

Chantale Canadian Book Addict (canadianbookaddict) | 19 comments So far 210

message 41: by Chantale (new)

Chantale Canadian Book Addict (canadianbookaddict) | 19 comments Opps. Click post before I was do writing my post. I meant to say so far I read 210 but had set my goal low to 50

message 42: by Miss Meagan (new)

Miss Meagan (immissmeagan) | 4 comments 97 so far but currently working on 98!

message 43: by Jody (new)

Jody (jodstir) | 20 comments I’m 8 shy of my 150. Had to slow my reading down this year for other things....like family..work. Lol

message 44: by AliciaJ (new)

AliciaJ | 26 comments My goal was 400, and I think I'm at 406 now, with a couple more on my currently reading list that I may get finished before midnight on the 31st.

message 45: by Janee (new)

Janee (janeeelaine) | 1 comments I set my goal for 200, knowing I would reach more than that. I'm at 418. My personal best.

message 46: by Cami (new)

Cami (cami_reads) | 14 comments 98 but will hopefully(probably lol) hit 100 until dec 31st 😄

message 47: by Jamie Lee (new)

Jamie Lee Zonneveld My goal was 150 and I've read 212 so far

message 48: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 1 comments My goal was 492 and I am at 540 now

message 49: by Roopali (new)

Roopali (roopsri) | 40 comments I started habit of reading from march 2018
And read 86 books ... 😁

message 50: by Christine (new)

Christine (cuabee) | 3 comments I have read 1260 books of your goal of 1000!

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