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Mindy aka serenity | 115 comments Challenges accepted:
Trim the TBR (PBT)
Trim the TBR (1001 Books)
Randomized reading list (1001 books)
Reading other cultures (PBT-time permitting)

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Mindy aka serenity | 115 comments Trim the TBR PBT list
1. The Wise Woman - Gregory 448 pages
2. Truth and Beauty - Patchett 257 pages
3. In the Company of the Courtesan - Dunant 384 pages
4. The Marriage Plot - Eugenides 406 pages
5. The Girl Who Came Home- Gaynor 384 pages
6. One Hundred Years of Solitude - Marquez 417 pages
7. Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead 443 pages
8. East of the Mountains - Guterson 279 pages
9. Christ the Lord Out of Egypt - Rice 322 pages
10. Sunshine - McKinley 389 pages
11. The Splendor of Silence - Sundaresan 403 pages
12. Pompeii- Harris 278 pages DONE
13. Daughter of the Sun by Barbara Wood 453 pages
14. Geisha - Dalby 318 pages
15. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - Bender 292 pages
16. Riding Lessons - Gruen 387 pages DONE
17. The First Princess of Wales - Harper 618 pages DONE
18. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making- Valente 247 pages
19. The Sixth Wife - Dunn 308 pages DONE
20. The Red Scarf - Furnivall 512 pages
21. The Heretic Queen - Moran 383 pages
22. In the time of the butterflies - Alvarez 344 pages
23. The Palace of Illusions - Divakaruni 360 pages DONE
24. The Children of Hurin - Tolkien 313 pages DONE
25. Let the Great World Spin- McCann 351 pages
26. Women of the Pleasure Quarters- Downer 261 pages
27. The Underground Railroad- Whitehead 306 pages
28. Remarkable Creatures - Chevalier 352 pages
29. Out of Oz - Maguire 568 pages
30. The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Gaiman 181 pages DONE
31. Congo by Michael Crichton 442 pages
32. Dangerous - Hale 405 pages
33. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Howe 371 pages
34. Miss Peregrine's School.. - Riggs 352 pages DONE
35. Four Queens - Goldstone 336 pages
36. The Romanov Bride - Alexander 306 pages

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy | 8299 comments I think you’ll really like the Heretic Queen. I hope it’s picked for you.

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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 5002 comments Hi we have a buddy read for Golen &Jinni at #35 if you'd like to join us.

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 7254 comments NancyJ wrote: "Hi we have a buddy read for Golen &Jinni at #35 if you'd like to join us."

Golem & The Jinny is #34, not 35

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Mindy aka serenity | 115 comments Titles A to Z
A- Atonement- McEwan
B- The Bishop's Palace- Miller
C- Communities of Violence- Niremburg
D- The Debate on the English Revolution- Richardson
E- European Transformations- Van Engen/Noble
F- Forest Born- Shannon Hale
G- Graduate Study for the 21st Century- Colon Semenza
H- Holy Feast and Holy Fast- Walker Bynum
I- Introduction to Medieval Europe- Blockmans/Hoppenbrouwer
J- Joan of Arc and the English Imagination- Orgelfinger
L- The Lais of Marie de France- Marie de France
M- Making of the Middle Ages - Southern
N- That Noble Dream - Novick
O- The Ocean at the End of the Lane- Gaiman
P- Pompeii by Robert Harris
Q- Queenship, Gender and Reputation- Rohr
R- the Reign of Edward II: New Perspectives- Dodd
S- The Serf, the Knight, and the Historian- Bartlemy
T- The Crusades: An Epitome- Throop
V- Visit from the Goon Squad- Egan
W- The World of Catholic Renewal- Hsia

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Mindy aka serenity | 115 comments Authors A to Z
A Alvestad, etc. - Premodern Rulers and Postmodern viewers
B- Barthélemy - Serf, etc.
C- Colon Semenza, Gregory- Graduate Study for the 21st century
D- Dunn, Sixth Wife
E- Egan- Visit from the Goon Squad
F- France, Marie de- Lais
G- Gaiman- Ocean at the end of the lane
H- Hale, Shannon, Forest Born
K- Kaplan, Benjamin- Divided by Faith
M- McEwan- Atonement
N- Nirenburg- Communities of Violence
O- Orgelfinger, Gail- Joan of Arc and the English Imagination
P- Parry, R. English Civil War and After
R- Riggs, Ransom- Miss Peregrine's School
S- Southern, Richard - Making of the Middle Ages
T- Throop, Susanna- The Crusades
U-Unknown- Song of Roland
V- Van Engen, Thomas- European Transformations
W- Walker Bynum, Caroline- Holy Feast and Holy Fast
Z- Zook, Melinda- Protestantism, Politics...

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Mindy aka serenity | 115 comments 1001 books read
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Empire of the Sun
Visit from the Goon Squad
After the Quake
Catcher in the Rye

Mindy aka serenity | 115 comments The Sixth Wife by Suzannah Dunn
3 stars

This book, which has been on my shelf for 10 years or more, is about Henry VIII's last wife, Katherine Parr, in the days after Henry died. The narrator is Katherine's best friend Cathy, Duchess of Suffolk. There were liberties taken with her story as historical fact, which I didn't completely agree with because I felt Katherine's story had enough drama without adding more. Kate marries Thomas Seymour, brother to third wife of Henry Jane and the current Lord Protector of the boy king Edward VI, Edward (there was great originality of naming, wasn't there?). But Thomas was a grasping social climber who had younger son issues of wanting what his big brother had- power and authority. He broke Kate's heart with his power grasping, which almost took a young princess Elizabeth down with him. Her story is tragic, and Dunn does a good job of trying to humanize her, but she remains a minor character in her own story by the perspective being switched to her friend. I would have preferred that Kate tell her own story. At the end the book was just ok. Nothing to write home about. If you want to know about Katherine Parr, pick up her biography or some other historical fiction.

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Mindy aka serenity | 115 comments Top books for 2019
Graduate Study for the 21st century- 5 stars
Capetian Women- Katherine Nolan- 4 stars
Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz- 4 stars
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children- Ransom Riggs - 4 stars
Isabella of France: Rebel Queen- Kathryn Warner- 4 stars
Belong to Me- Marisa de los Santos- 4 stars
Holy Feast and Holy Fast- Caroline Walker Bynum - 4 stars
Forest Born- Shannon Hale- 4 stars
Atonement- Ian McEwan- 4 stars
Four - Victoria Roth 4 stars
Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman 4 stars

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