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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
My goal:
Twenty books (150 pages or more)
Total page goal: 4,000 pages this month

message 2: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) Oh, Nice. Love the Name. These look fun. This looks great. I will do the intro in a bit. ♥️

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
Thanks! Glad to have you, Shaina. :)

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
2. Code of Valor (Blue Justice #3) by Lynette Eason 1/4 330 pages

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