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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
Hello, everyone! This is where we can get to know each other a bit! Please take a moment to stop and tell us a thing or two about yourself.

I'm Hannah, a 30-something Southern gal with a great love for books. By day I work for a Christian non-profit and by night I'm a music teacher. I read a lot of vintage fiction and am working on building my home library with a bunch of the books I enjoy the most.

message 2: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Cox (andreacox) Andrea from Texas, here. I've been reading my whole life, it seems. Although, I think my favorite childhood reading picture of when I was around two... I'm pretty sure I have the book upside down. Haha! Books have definitely been a lifelong love for me, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I'm a copy editor for WhiteFire Publishing and independently published authors, which simply means I get paid to read books. (Okay, so it's a little more complicated than that.) I also am a writer, though I don't yet have any books published. Working hard toward that goal! My other job is tutoring middle school students in the core subjects. (Yes, this includes reading and writing.) Yep. Book-related things surround me in each of my jobs... and I love it!

message 3: by Kellyn (new)

Kellyn Roth (kellynrothauthor) | 18 comments Mod
Hi there! I'm Kell from Oregon. I only started reading when my mom told me I couldn't have a kitten until I started! Well, I got started in a hurry, got the kitten (her name was Tina - Constantina for long - and she was an awesome kitten!), and I've been reading ever since.

Outside of reading, I write a lot (I'm an indie author), I work as a secretary work at a gymnastics academy (no, I can't do a backflip - I can't even touch my toes properly!), I teach writing and organize various writing-related services through Reveries Co., and I volunteer at AWANAs and a museum (to be near kids and old things). I'm also a Christian, a country girl, and a homeschool graduate!

I'm quite done now. :P No more "I's." Let's hear about you!

message 4: by Erika (new)

Erika Mathews (resterwen) | 51 comments Mod
Welcome! I'm excited to begin this journey with everyone to kick off the New Year. I'm Erika: Jesus-lover, wife to a techie husband, and mama of two: a toddler daughter who loves books, music, and cooking; and an infant son who loves giggling. I'm a freelance editor at, the author of Promise's Prayer and other books in a variety of genres, and an aspiring minimalist.

Reading has been a hobby of mine from the beginning, as attested by the photo of me with a book at one month old. I finally learned to read at age four and promptly spent the next six-plus years reading everything I could get my hands on.

I'm motivated by challenges, deadlines, accountability, and friendly competition. After winning five NaNoWriMo challenges, I wondered if the same type of group motivation could be channeled to reading, the other major activity involving books. I'm looking forward to this first NaNoReMo to prove that indeed it can.

And I can't wait to meet and partner with the rest of you as we conquer this challenge together.

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
Thanks, lovely moderators!

Now that we've all introduced ourselves, we'd love to hear about you!

message 6: by Sarita (new)

Sarita | 33 comments Hello from Cape Town, South Africa. I'm 33 (almost 34), wife to an amazing husband and mom to a busy basically 2 year-old. I'm a group accountant by day for a pathologist group.

I love the outdoors and running and reading ever since I can remember. I was that family member who packed an extra suitcase for all my vacation reading.

There was a time period where I didn't read so much, due to the fact that I didn't want to read secular books anymore and the christian author selections in our libraries and bookstores are very limited and expensive. In 2014 I joined goodreads and thus discovered a BIG problem... I do not have enough time to read all the books I'm discovering through my goodreads (CFD) friends.

2018 was a great reading year, mainly due to reading on my kindle while sitting up with my toddler most nights. So hopefully 2019 will continue with lots of reading, but hopefully also more sleep.

oh, my name is Sarita (it means princess and beloved).

Have a great day.

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda G. Stevens (amandagstevens) | 21 comments Hello, everyone! I'm Amanda from Michigan, where it's winter at least as long as it's not (and I might be a tad bitter about that). I have loved reading forever and wrote my first story in first grade. By day I work for a municipality as a billing clerk. I'm also a published author of Christian fiction. I love noir and speculative fiction, and my latest book No Less Days features elements of both. I also love characters. Meeting people on the page who are so real and detailed I can imagine meeting them on the street-- this is what I look for in my reading and what I strive for in my writing.

I'm not a fast reader by any means, so I don't know how many books I'll get through (I average 4-5 a month), but this looks like fun regardless! I love books. I'm all about trade paperbacks. I own a Kindle but I ignore it because I don't care for ebooks. And I've been known to hunt down an antique first edition if it's a book I truly love. Like Kellyn, I love old things.

Btw, @Kellyn: I am also a homeschool graduate and used to work in AWANA at my old church. :)

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
Glad to have you, Sarita and Amanda!

message 9: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithpotts) | 23 comments Hey, everyone! :)

I'm Faith—Carolina girl, homeschool grad, indie author, future ASL interpreter, and Daughter of the King. Aside from my authoring life and time spent devouring works of fiction, I work for a country store (think, Cracker Barrel style).

Excited for the challenge!

message 10: by Hanna (new)

Hanna | 41 comments Thank you, Hannah, for posting about this group on your status! I'm known as CutePolarBear in the Internet world, and Hanna in the Author world (because I'm part of a family who loves to confuse people). As a homeschooler, I've been reading for a long time--and when I couldn't read, my mom would read to me and my siblings (and still does!). Since joining Goodreads, I have realized my reading tastes focus on Christian, historical, romance, and anything based on real life. (In order of importance)

Aside from writing and reading, my hobbies include swimming, watching basketball, collecting stuffed animals, and learning new things.

message 11: by Angie (new)

Angie Thompson (angiethompson) | 53 comments Hey! I'm Angie. :)

I've been a bookworm since I taught myself to read at three and a storyteller since about the time I could talk. Some of my nieces and nephews are also born storytellers, and I'm beginning to get a taste of what my poor mother put up with all those years! I published my first book in late 2017, and since then, I've been pretty much drowning in a sea of newly-discovered indie fiction. This year, I plan to cut back my reading a little to focus on my writing, but audiobooks at work are a big part of my life, so I'm still going to try for some challenges, and this looks like a good place to start. ;)

When I'm not reading or writing, I enjoy crafting, music (I play piano and ukulele), teaching Sunday school, and spending time with my family. I'm also the oldest of eight siblings, a homeschool graduate, and a born-again Christian. (Though perhaps I should have mentioned that first--wait, nope, not doing the Mr. Collins thing. :D)

Great to meet everyone!

message 12: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Hamilton | 56 comments Hello, all!

I'm Ellen, from the inconspicuous town of Roseneath in Southern Ontario, Canada. Well, I don't exactly live in town; I live on a farm that's like 5 minutes away from Roseneath.
Ya, I have a lot of animals, a lot of chores, a lot of things to laugh at, and a lot of things to cry about.

I'm a bookworm, like the rest of you. And, I'm trying my hand at writing. I wrote a small book a few years ago and self-published it on, but since then I've only written skeletons and outlines; nothing complete.

I turned 21 a few months ago, but I'm still not finished with my secondary schooling. The main reason why: because I travelled a bit of the world for the last ten years (Dad had jobs at different universities). By the way, I'm also homeschooled. Actually, homeschooling still, because I am not done yet.

I'm hoping to finish before this school year is out, and then I'm going to study midwifery. The details aren't all worked out yet, but I'm hoping for the best.

Because I was travelling, I was not able to collect books or anything else. However, since we settled down in 2016, I've started collecting books and old, vintage-y things. My siblings complain that my room is as stuffy as an old antique shop. 😂

I'm glad to be a part of this group, and I think I shall enjoy my time here.

Nice to meet y'all!

message 13: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Cox (andreacox) Welcome, everyone!

message 14: by Caitlyn (new)

Caitlyn Santi | 24 comments Hi everybody! Thanks so much for the invite Hannah G. This looks like such fun and the perfect way to start off 2019! So, I'm Caitlyn. I'm a Christian, 20-something native Vermonter, and homeschool graduate. As far back as I can remember I've always loved to read! I am an indie published author of two novellas and two short stories. I'm also a blogger and book reviewer!

message 15: by Anna (new)

Anna | 61 comments Looks like I'm going to be the grandma of this group! I'm in my 60's, live in small-town Kansas; my kids are grown and gone from home, but I'm still trying to work a few more years before retirement. I have worked as a receptionist and office manager for a chiropractic practice for the past 18 years, and also taught medical transcription on the side. (That's where my editing/proofreading skills come from - I am definitely a member of the grammar police, but I try to be kind about it.)

I love to see all of you homeschoolers and homeschool graduates! I homeschooled my 4 children for 14 years, until a divorce broke up our family and sent me to full-time employment. I homeschooled when homeschool wasn't cool, but my children are glad I did and I think it is the absolute best education anyone can have.

Education has always been one of my passions - I have my bachelor's and master's degrees in education and have taught and tutored through all the grades, even teaching a one-room school in rural Nebraska many years ago. I recently started reading up on the Montessori method because it fascinates me.

I taught myself to read early, just like several of you, and would have educated myself as well, but homeschooling hadn't been heard of back when I was in school. I read voraciously - I would read through my textbooks the first week of school and then was bored unless I had a book under the lid of my desk, reading surreptitiously and trying to look as though I was paying attention to the teacher at the same time. At one time I had a goal of reading every book in my hometown library, but I ran out of time.

My favorite authors include Grace Livingston Hill, Gene Stratton-Porter, and Lucy Maud Montgomery, and I love the Mitford series by Jan Karon. My current reading list is a blend of the new titles at my local library, mixed with the recommendations of my friends on Goodreads. I try to keep at least one non-fiction book on my list at all times, as a way of continuing my education and keeping my mind active. Failing vision is making it more difficult for me to read the way I used to, and now I usually have to have large-print or audiobooks to read. I don't have a Kindle, but I love to read at Project Gutenberg on my desktop computer, because I can size the words as large as I can comfortably read. An interesting anecdote about me is that my local library requested to erase my reading history on their computer because it was taking up too much room on their server!

I'm looking forward to our challenge - I'm going to start on the low end because life keeps me so busy, but I will really enjoy the novel reading of everyone in the group. By the way, I can always use more friends on Goodreads. If you are interested, please send me a friend request.

message 16: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Hamilton | 56 comments Anna wrote: "Looks like I'm going to be the grandma of this group! I'm in my 60's, live in small-town Kansas; my kids are grown and gone from home, but I'm still trying to work a few more years before retiremen..."

Welcome! ❤

message 17: by Rebekah (new)

Rebekah Morris | 30 comments Hi all!
I'm Rebekah. A homeschool graduate, author of 40+ published titles, aunt to 7 nieces and nephews, writing teacher, frozen gummie bear lover, book collector, and daughter of the King of kings. Unlike most of you here, I didn't learn to read until I was around 7. But my mom read aloud to my siblings and me for years, and, since I'm an auditory learner, I've loved listening to audio books. I've always had a very vivid imagination, have loved pretending, and delight in creating new stories even if they never get written down. I love to read.

message 18: by R.A. (new)

R.A. | 23 comments Hey! I'm Rosalyn (that "o" is long-sounding) and I'm not exactly sure when I first began to read! It was probably 4-5, but not sure.. :) Apart from reading, I enjoy writing books, taking pictures, and drinking multiple cups of tea! I'm also a missionary girl in England with my family … I have nine siblings (there's only seven of us here at the moment though)! No, I've never met the Queen...

message 19: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Cox (andreacox) Welcome, all!

message 20: by Amanda (new)

Amanda G. Stevens (amandagstevens) | 21 comments Angie wrote: "Hey! I'm Angie. :) I've been a bookworm since I taught myself to read at three and a storyteller since about the time I could talk. ..."

Angie, your profile pic looked familiar and I went and "compared books" with you, and what should I discover but that you wrote a lovely review of Seek and Hide, including such a kind understanding description of Marcus! Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing. :) <3

message 21: by Angie (new)

Angie Thompson (angiethompson) | 53 comments Amanda wrote: "Angie wrote: "Hey! I'm Angie. :) I've been a bookworm since I taught myself to read at three and a storyteller since about the time I could talk. ..."

Angie, your profile pic looked familiar and I..."

Awww, you're welcome! I couldn't believe how fast and hard Marcus took hold of my heart. <3 I'm usually really cautious about characters who have that kind of significant struggles, but I just couldn't keep those walls up with him; he was so wonderful! I definitely want to read the rest of the series soon; it's just a matter of trying to balance what gets read "soonest"!

message 22: by Amanda (new)

Amanda G. Stevens (amandagstevens) | 21 comments Angie wrote: "Amanda wrote: "Angie wrote: "

Ah yes, what gets read soonest. I think we'll live with that dilemma all our lives!

And for loving Marcus, I send you Author Hugs. :-D

message 23: by . (new)

. (yayayyaya) | 4 comments Hello! I'm Chloe, and I've been reading ever since I learned how to. I remember being proud when I borrowed a Beverly Cleary (I think?) novel when I was in first grade, and I really admired the cover... I didn't actually read it since I was still learning, but it's the thought that counts, right?

I'm a homeschooled teen, but I'm almost at the huge milestone of becoming an adult. I have six siblings, and the house is never quiet once the day vegans.

I like reading a lot of different genres, such as historical fiction, sci-fi, and Christian novels.

Anyways this was probably long, but I'm no good at introductions as it is xD

message 24: by . (new)

. (yayayyaya) | 4 comments *begins, not vegans

message 25: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
Welcome, Chloe!

message 26: by E.F.B. (new)

E.F.B. | 60 comments Hi, I'm Beth, a 20-something Christian, a writer who WILL get published someday, and the owner of the Etsy shop EruvandiCrafts. I love reading a variety of genres, so long as they meet my personal standards, but what I have been reading the most lately have been fantasy and historical fiction.

While I am not technically participating in the challenge (I have a pile of very long books right now and doubt I'm fast enough to read a minimum of 5 of them by the end of the month :p) but Hannah said I could still come chat, so here I am. :)

message 27: by Hannah (last edited Jan 17, 2019 12:20PM) (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 181 comments Mod
Hi, Beth! Glad you’re joining in however you can. :)

message 28: by Paula (new)

Paula Shreckhise | 81 comments Hi! I’m Paula and I’m going to be 70 in May. I’m retired from retail. We have 4 kids whom I homeschooled many years ago. We have 8 grands. I am active in my Church ( hubby is a retired pastor filling in for our pastor who is on deployment, which will be done next month.) I craft, sew and make jewelry. Almost a year ago I became a contributing reviewer for Inkwell Inspirations. I enter a lot of contests and win a lot of books and am a reviewer for Bethany House and Barbour as well. I have influenced for several authors. I love to read.

message 29: by Anna (new)

Anna | 61 comments Chloe (aka Crystal) wrote: "*begins, not vegans"

OK that made me chuckle! Welcome Chloe!

message 30: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Cox (andreacox) Welcome, all! So glad you found us.

message 31: by Anna (new)

Anna | 61 comments Paula wrote: "Hi! I’m Paula and I’m going to be 70 in May. I’m retired from retail. We have 4 kids whom I homeschooled many years ago. We have 8 grands. I am active in my Church ( hubby is a retired pastor filli..."

Yay, another 'oldie'! Welcome! I can't be the only grandmother in a group.

message 32: by Paula (new)

Paula Shreckhise | 81 comments I will soon be a great-grandmother. Our oldest grandson is going to be a daddy! I don’t feel that old! We will also celebrate our 50th this summer!

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