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Help! I can't get into the book I'm reading!

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Stef J. Every once in a while I will get stuck while reading a book- I will lose interest, wondering when and if the pace will pick up or the tone will change. When this happens, what do you do?

Do you use any strategies to reignite your interest in the book, or do you give up? And when and how do you decide that a book isn't worth the effort?

I am afraid that if I give up I may miss out on a good story with a slow start or a fabulous ending, but plodding through a book I don't care about slows my reading speed significantly and feels like a waste of my time.

Thoughts? I expect that there are many different opinions on this matter and I'd love to hear some.

***Please, no spoliers for A Dark-Adapted Eye, but if you enjoyed it or disliked it feel free to let me know. Your opinions on the book might help me make my decision.

Michelle I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters. But reading some of the other reviews I came across someone who posted a family tree and this really helped me navigate this novel. I ended up loving this book and you will too. Try and find the post I write of.

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