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message 1: by soub (new)

soub (gothstew) yeet

message 2: by soub (new)

soub (gothstew) This is dead and I’m sad

message 3: by soub (new)

soub (gothstew) Big chungus

message 4: by soub (new)

soub (gothstew) Hey friendly reminder if you joined this group please be active?? I understand that most people are on holiday break rn, but it’s not too much to ask once break is over

message 5: by soub (new)

soub (gothstew) Hey, sorry I’ve been very busy with midterms. You’re free to use your own template, but it must include the basics like name, gender, sexuality, age, history, appearance, personality and job/title/rank

message 6: by soub (new)

soub (gothstew) Oh this is so dead

message 7: by allurxa (new)

allurxa | 2 comments Mod
ok so hi its marie i made another account and then went back to marie because im stoopid

so heres a cool group that could use some more members please and thanks


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