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Wish Upon a Star
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. It's a contemporary romance novel. Based in Ireland about a single mother with a famous sister, and a dream to become an actor. Possible spoilers in the comments. [s]

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Unicorns | 2 comments I read this book this year (2018), beginning. But I am pretty sure that the book was published in early 2000s, I found it among my uncle's horde of books, but I returned it once I read this (thus, I don't remember the title)

The book is based in a small town in Ireland, I think it's written my an Irish female author.
This girl, who has always wanted to be an actor, gets pregnant in college (uni), and before she can tell the dad he is MIA. So she is now a single mother of a five-year-old daughter, and she hates her life. Her younger sister is a popular (international, I think?) model, and she hates her. She thinks her sister is a brat. They don't really have good relationship, and don't talk to each other much either (at all really, until she comes home for Christmas).

The main character works at a vet, as a receptionist and still wants to become an actor.

She ends up unknowingly auditioning for a condom ad (which is the first of it's kind in her town), and is really mad at her agent for that.
But after a lot of contemplation and a talk with her boss, aka a hot vet, who knows a lot about cars because his dad was a mechanic and wanted him to take over the garage.

Oh and she also has beef with her parents, but kinda stable beef. They talk, and hangout every week. But she feels underappreciated by her parents.

Her best friend is freaking awesome. A plump girl, with a husband/fiance (can't remember) and they are SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER about to have a kid, as we find out in the middle of the book.

She also has a guy best friend, who is really into football, and, I think, is a sports photographer. He has a good relationship with her daughter and they are adorable.

And, yea, that is most of what I can remember. I can't remember the name of this book. Can someone help me find it?

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Unicorns | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "Wish Upon a Star maybe?"

Oh my gods! Yesss thank you!! <3

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