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message 1: by Rachael (last edited Dec 14, 2018 11:52PM) (new)

Rachael Hanakowski (rachaelhanakowski) | 51 comments Hello!

As we have had such wonderful selections for books on OSS since its inception in 2016, I'm wondering about the potential opportunity of sharing thoughts and reflections on each author's work.
Personally, I would love to have the chance to write to an author of whose work we've read and discussed here at Our Shared Shelf, the old fashioned-way, via mail. In an age of digital media, I think there's something wonderful about putting paper to pen.

I'm also looking for a mailing address for our dear Emma. I haven't seen any reference to a fan mail address since 2012, back when she had her own website.

I was wondering if the OSS Team might venture to kindly ask each author if they have a preferred contact method or address for letters from the OSS community. I'm reminded of Gloria Steinem's quote: "people are linked, not ranked". I'm hoping to create links with these wonderful individuals as we seek to understand and diversify the feminist movement. Having said that, what leads me to ask this is the fact that it has been absolutely cool to be able to ask questions of the authors and receive replies. There's just always so much more to be said!

What do you all think about writing to our lovely authors and to Emma? What would you say to them, in a letter, if given the platform? I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts.

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 16, 2018 05:41PM) (new)

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

I am pretty sure that some of the authors who wrote books selected by OSS have websites. Maybe there is a tool for the readers to contact the author.

There are social media: official facebook page, official Twitter, official Instagram so you may voice your opinion in a comment in those pages.

Some of the authors we are talking about also use the messaging service provided by Goodreads.

Finally, do not expect any answers from them. Let's keep in mind their mailboxes are probably full of messages. Some people are saying good work, others may stalk them, harass them or exhaust them. Some people do not realize that sending "I love you!", "Help us, save us, write a book about us" may be perceived as inappropriate or/and intrusive. So, obviously authors and other famous person keep their distance in attempt to protect themselves. And yes, not everyone who joined this group had/has only "good" intentions. I remember a few exhausting examples.
However some authors may reply, Kate Moore likes feedback and she uses to reply decent messages. Unknown authors may also reply to understand what was appreciated in their work and what could be improved.

Anyway, in my opinion OSS team will not provide any mailing addresses to contact authors. Regarding a platform, it is a huge work that requires specific skill, energy and time and I am not sure that they have the wish to invest themselves in such task.

Also I would like to say that Emma Watson is not the only one to be thank (or thanked, this one looks weird to me) for the management of OSS. There are the mods. You know, the first line who takes everything in the face when something goes wrong. So, if I was you I would start by thanking them :) (yeah, too often they are put aside but they also deserve credit).

Ps: oh... I was forgetting, if your write reviews of the books you read maybe an author will contact you. Usually they are "unknown" authors but it is always pleasant to discuss a work you liked/like with the person who created it. Yes, sometime it happens! ;)

I hope my comment helped you.

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