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Special Topics in Calamity Physics
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction - student murder/death - includes bibliography in its format. [s]

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Kendrea Moccia (kendream) | 3 comments I read this book approximately ten years ago. What I remember most about the book is that it incorporated bibliographical information as part of the story. (A book was mentioned and then additional information about that book was incorporated into the story.)

I think the main character was a female high school student, trying to solve the mystery of a fellow students death. Was it suicide? A teacher may also have been one of the main characters.

Kendrea Moccia (kendream) | 3 comments I forgot to mention that I think the word "physics" was in the title.

Kendrea Moccia (kendream) | 3 comments I found it! The book is called Special topics in calamity physics and it is written by Marisha Pessl.

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